Administrators can invite users to Happeo from the admin panel user management. Inviting a user will send them an email, which will then provide a unique url for the invitation. Once the invitation has been used, it will disappear from the admin invitation list and the user will appear in the "Invited users" list.

Invited users will be added to the organisation. This means that they work as any other user in your Happeo environment. They can see and search users, view domain shared pages & channel and see primary news channel & launcher.

Detaching a invited user

You can detach an invited user from your organisation by clicking the three dots on the invited user item and selecting "Remove from Organisation". The user will not be deleted, but they will no longer be able to see domain shared pages, channels and primary news channel. Additionally they won't be able to search other users nor see the launcher. However, all directly shared pages & channels will remain for the user.

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