Happeo displays a user card from every user. The information displayed here is synced from G Suite and is always up to date. Some of the information is managed by the user themselves but most is admin managed.

User information from G Suite

Here's the list of user information synced from G Suite. Please note that Happeo displays only the primary organisation and not additional organisation even if these are provided in G Suite.

  • Name
  • Current calendar status (free/busy)
  • Primary email 
  • Secondary emails 
  • Phone numbers & labels
  • Manager
  • Locations & labels
  • Address  & labels
  • Primary organisation title
  • Primary organisation department 
  • Primary organisation cost center 
  • Primary organisation location

User information from Happeo

Some of the information is user managed and comes from Happeo. Here's the list of the information:

  • Description
  • Skills
  • Out of office start date
  • Out of office end date
  • Out of office message


User search searches from the following information.

  • Name
  • Primary email
  • Phone numbers
  • Primary organisation (title, department, location)
  • Additional info (description, skills, out of office message)

User card information order

  1. Out of office (if currently on an a message exists)
  2. Phone numbers (order: work > home > mobile)
  3. Email addresses (primary email address first)
  4. Primary organisation
  5. Title
  6. Department
  7. Cost center
  8. Location
  9. Manager
  10. Locations (order: work > home)
  11. Description
  12. Skills


The user information is synced with about 1-5 minute delay from G Suite. This means that when G Suite admin changes user information, the user information will be reflected in Happeo almost immediately. However, Happeo does keep a 12 hour cache of opened users, this means that you may see old user information up to 12 hours if the user data is fetched from cache.

Hiding user from search

You can hide a user from search by unselecting the contact sharing in G Suite admin panel.

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