Managing users is very important in Happeo. Thats why there's a whole panel dedicated to it. The user management's main actions are:

  • Licensing users
  • Setting user permissions
  • Updating users from Google G-Suite


The licensing is done via organisational units. By clicking "Manage licences" you can see all the organisational units you have in Google G-Suite and assign or remove licences. If you remove licences from an organisation, these users will not have access to Happeo and will lower your licence amount. Depending on your contract this may or may not affect your licence costs. 

Admin permissions

The user permission settings are for promoting users to administrators. There is only one level of administrator and Google G-Suite administrators are automatically admins in Happeo. These administrators cannot be demoted.

Administrators have the following privileges:

  • Manage domain - Everything in the admin panel
  • Delete posts and comments - if admin mode is on
  • Pin posts in any channel - if admin mode is on
  • Manage any channel - if admin mode is on

See "Admin mode" article for more details.

Updating profiles from Google

Generally there is no need to update profiles from Google. However, if a user profile is not up to date, administrators can select to update the profile. This will initiate a background update and the user will be updated usually within 10 minutes. You need to refresh Happeo to see the updated profile.

Update all users

If there's a need to update all users in your organisation, that can be done from the same user management view. Select the three dots on the top right corner of the user table and click "Update all users". The update takes usually about 10 minutes, but if you have thousands of users in your organisation, it may take up to 4 hours.

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