I'm happy to introduce the new Happeo navigation to you! This upgrade has been in the works for the past couple of months and we are finally ready to publish the new experience to all users.

The new navigation was built with the following in mind:

  • Mobile experience
  • Speed and clarity
  • Focus on your content

Access sections faster

We wanted to make it easier to access the section you need as fast as possible. Now you don't need to toggle between sections, just open the section you want with a single click.

Improved search

Search has been improved by highlighting your search queries and also by boosting the speed. 

Great mobile experience

Mobile is extremely important, and now with the new mobile experience using Happeo is smooth and easy.

A bunch more

Since we can't create gifs for every update, I've listed the rest here in a neat list.

  • Channels has its own search; finds hidden channels too.
  • Highlighted search results in all sections.
  • Faster search.
  • Notifications now mark themselves as read if you comment, like or view a single post.
  • All notifications for a selected channel will not be marked as read when you open the channel.
  • Receive a desktop notification when a new channel is shared with you.
  • My Stream and News are now auto-updated when there are new posts.
  • Manually update My Stream and News by clicking logo.
  • The top bar now also works with light colors, including plain white.
  • This Help Center, which is linked to "Get help" in the profile menu.
  • So much prettier ;) 
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