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Unlocking the full potential of Happeo: Pre-launch strategies for goal setting, admin configuration, and governance


Establishing site goals pre-launch is crucial for a successful intranet. Site goals provide a clear direction, align content with the intranet's purpose, and establish metrics for performance tracking. Without goals, an intranet can become unfocused, leading to disengagement. Pre-launch goal setting creates a valuable, relevant, and focused intranet.

What are the vision and goals for your Happeo?

Your vision describes what Happeo will be and what it will provide your company. Your goals make the vision tangible and help to prioritize and guide the steps you need to take to establish the vision. Align your vision and goals with your organization’s goals and objectives to make it so that when Happeo succeeds, the organization succeeds.

  1. Your vision should be an elevator pitch that you can easily share with others to inspire and help them understand what’s at stake
  2. Set Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound (S.M.A.R.T.) goals to guide your project and help maintain focus
  3. Ensure that your Pages, Channels, training, governance, etc. align with your vision and goals – prioritize accordingly

Ask people what they want and need

This will increase relevancy and buy-in so teams help build and maintain the site. 

  • Ask people what they could use help with today so Happeo can provide them with the most value
  • Surveys are a great way to establish benchmarks, show progress, and measure the return on investment - ask the same questions before and after launch to see Happeo’s impact
  • Share what you learned from the outreach and call out what the site will do to address specific needs

Consider these common uses (use cases) that describe why our customers use happeo, including key measurements, smart goals, and ways to measure your success.



Admin configuration before launch is crucial for a successful intranet. Be sure to set up integrations and configurations to enable desired workflows, increase productivity, and protect sensitive information. You should also take time to configure access permissions and, if possible, leverage audience-segmented groups. A well-configured intranet can increase engagement, streamline communication, and contribute to organizational success.

Set up your sync

The first thing you'll wanna do is sync your Google workspace with happeo to enable Google integrations, users’ access, and standard rights on the site.

  1. Organizational units (OUs) are used to license multiple users at once and grant them the ability to create Pages and Channels, whereas groups grant multiple users Page and Channel permissions – granting individual rights to users is a lot to manage
  2. Start by only giving the project team and content Owners access to the site and consider limiting Page and Channel creation rights
  3. Enable integrations for the site generally then get users to enable their own personal integration settings related to Google Drives and Calendars, Gmail, and other user profile integrations

Leverage Google Groups to the full extent

Google groups are used to pre-populate Pages and Channels with the right audiences and ensure relevant audiences have access to relevant shared drives.

  • Keep groups up-to-date to ensure that the right people have the right access – example groups include teams, regions, roles, and more
  • Review your current Google Drive structure to ensure it aligns with Happeo's Channels and Pages
  • Consider giving Editor rights to individuals, not groups, for added administrative control

Consider a single source of support

Having a single point of contact (e.g. form, Channel, team, person) for users to ask questions and report issues will simplify things.

  • You can submit a support ticket to Happeo’s support team using the “submit a request” link in the top-right corner of the Happeo help center
  • Build trust in the system by following up with users who submit feedback and thank them for taking the time
  • You can submit any product feedback you have or receive using our Productboard

Happeo Help Center links:


Governance pre-launch is crucial for a successful intranet long term. It aligns the intranet with org goals, sets guidelines for content creation, and establishes roles for accountability. Governance prevents issues like conflicting content, ensuring intranet effectiveness. Establish governance before launch for a successful intranet strategy.

Document your rules and guidelines

Focus on key information that you want users to know for the launch – if it’s a lot to read, just call out the necessary details.

  • General users should be told the house rules and information that will drive the goals and vision for the site
  • Channel Owners should be told their accountabilities (e.g. moderation or auditing) and guidelines for Channels (e.g. permissions, announcements, or Channel types)
  • Page Owners should be told their accountabilities (e.g. audits, replying to feedback and templates) to foster user trust in the content

Ownership and intake

Trust is one of the keys to a successful intranet, so sort out who will own and maintain the content and how you’ll listen to users.

  • Assign and track Page and Channel Owners using a spreadsheet or other tracking system – your tracker could also capture other Page and Channel details
  • An intake form or a Channel is great for collecting and tracking feedback and requests that can be delegated to content Owners
  • Establish standard audits so that Pages and Channels are reviewed and updated on a regular basis so users can trust the content

Platform positioning

Think about when you want people to use Happeo and when you want them to use the other tools.

  • Think about how and when users will use Happeo Channels to communicate as an organization and if Channels will serve specific situations or if there will be multiple types of Channels for different types of communication
  • Look at all the tools you already have and decide how Happeo fits into that ecosystem – why and when do people use Happeo instead of other tools?
  • Write down all of the guidelines for when to use which tools and communicate this information early on to save yourself more questions


Webinar: Goals and Governance

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