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This article provides you with information about enabling access permissions for Channel folders, files, and Calendars.

Current functionality

Once a user joins a Channel, they are automatically given access to the Channel's folders, files, and calendar. 

If you would like users to request access to Channel folders, files, and calendars as a security measure, please request it from our support team. For Google users, please see Additional notes in this article for instructions on how to request this feature.

Once request access is enabled

Request access enables Channel owners to grant permission and access through their provider (Google or Microsoft) from their emails, as opposed to from Happeo. This means that, for example, users can join open Channels but when request access is enabled, they must request access to the Channel's folders, files, and calendar separately. This also applies to users who have been added to Channels.

Requesting access

Requesting access is simple, as there is a button in the folder and calendar section that will direct the user to the native access request page, where users will have to manually request permission access.


Once a user requests access to the Channel's folders, files, and calendar, the Channel owner will receive an email with an access request. 

Granting permission

Channel owners will grant permissions and access using the native experience from the modal sharing or from the email itself.

Once permission is granted, participants will be able to access the Channel's folders, files, and/or calendar.


Additional notes

For Google users, when requesting this feature, please request it using a feature flag (