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In this article, you can find details regarding the Happeo mobile app.

What is the Happeo Mobile App?

Your workforce isn't bound to a desk. Whether your team is centralized or spread out across the world - unparalleled engagement is at your fingertips with Happeo's mobile app.

The Happeo Mobile App allows you to access your Happeo environment straight from an application on your phone! This application will enable you to view Channels, create Channel posts, and many more features that are listed below. 


Login service

  • Google login button
  • Microsoft login button (only in the Beta version of the app)


Creating content

  • Create a Post
  • Add a photo to a Post
  • Add a comment on a Post
  • Thread a comment
  • Like a Post

Channel management

  • Add a user
  • Remove a user
  • Leave a Channel


All Pages widgets are supported except for:

  • Gmail Widget
  • Org Chart Widget
  • Custom Widgets
  • Form Widget (the Drive File Widget is, however, supported, and therefore forms are supported as well, just not the Form Widget)
  • iFrame Widget


  • Search for content and apply Search Filters
  • Search for Federated content
  • Note: Gmail cannot be shown in the Search Results, but it will be a feature available in the future


  • Search for people in your organization


  • Push notifications

The Happeo App also supports multiple languages! You can change the language by clicking on your avatar and selecting Change language.


Features and updates to be added in the future

  • Posting announcements
  • Post & Comment editing does not have rich editing; you may see a markdown in the edit -mode

Microsoft specific

To access the Beta version of the Happeo Mobile App for Microsoft, you must access one of the following links and follow the steps. This is because the app is in Beta and therefore is not available in the current version in your mobile's app store.

Included in the mobile app

Login service

  • Microsoft login button


  • Discussion
    • Posts with MSFT files (including comments)
    • OneDrive File Picker
  • Media
    • Channel documents
    • Media content from OneDrive


  • Calendar (ability to display)
  • Monthly Calendar
  • Weekly Calendar
  • Files (ability to display)
  • Folder Widget
  • File List Widget
  • Embedded Files Widget

User Profile

  • User Profile Card
  • Microsoft Teams calls and messages integration

Not included

  • Email Widget (Outlook Widget)
  • Custom Apps
  • Search
  • Channel links
  • Important Files

Session durationHappeo

By default, the duration of a session on Happeo is 14 days.

You can configure it between 1 hour and 30 days. We recommend 24 hours as the minimum to maintain a good user experience.

When configuring it through the Happeo web version, these customizations will also be applied to the Happeo Mobile App.

You will also be notified in the Mobile App if your session has expired. Particularly:

  1. If you haven't manually signed out
  2. And your session expires
  3. And therefore, you would need to re-sign in when opening the app
  4. You will receive a push notification regarding the session expiry

For more information about session duration, please refer to this article.

How to install the Happeo Mobile App

Open up the iOS App Store or Android Play Store and search for Happeo


403 error on iOS when logging into the mobile app (403: emm_device_policy_stale-sync_required “Authorization Error”)

Encountering a 403 error on iOS while attempting to log into the mobile app (specifically, a "403: emm_device_policy_stale-sync_required" error with the label "Authorization Error") indicates the following situation:

When you receive this error, the recommended steps to address the issue are as follows:

  1. Contact Local IT Department: You should reach out to your local IT department to inquire if the Device Policy App has been approved and configured correctly
  2. Install the Google Device Policy App: If the device is approved, you should install the Google Device Policy app. This app is essential for enforcing security policies on the device
  3. Google Mobile Device Management Configuration: Additionally, you should install a Google mobile device management configuration profile. This step is crucial for effectively implementing and maintaining security policies on the device

By following these steps, you can work towards resolving the "403: emm_device_policy_stale-sync_required" authorization error on your iOS device and ensure seamless access to the mobile app.