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In this article, you can find details regarding the Happeo mobile app.

What is the Happeo Mobile App?

The Happeo Mobile App allows you to access your Happeo environment straight from an application on your phone! This application will enable you to view Channels, create Channel posts, and many more features that are listed below. 

Current app functionality

  • Search
    • Note: Gmail cannot be shown in the search results, but will be a feature available in the future
  • My Stream and My News
  • Channels: add a post, a photo, a comment, thread a comment, or like content
  • People: Search for people
  • Push notifications
  • Channel Management: add user, remove user, or leave the channel
  • Pages
    • All Pages widgets are supported except for:
      • Gmail widget
      • Org chart widget
      • Custom widgets
      • Form widget (the Drive file widget is, however, supported and therefore forms are supported as well, just not the Form widget)
      • Banner widget


The Happeo App also supports multiple languages! You can change the language by clicking on your avatar and selecting Change language.

Next features and updates to be added in the future

  • Posting announcements
  • Post & Comment editing does not have rich editing, you may see a markdown in the edit -mode

How to install the Happeo Mobile App

Open up the iOS App Store or Android Play Store and search for Happeo