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In this article, you can learn what the Zoom Integration is, how to enable it, and how to use it.


What is it?

Zoom is a video chatting service that allows you to call users and create video meetings.

Moreover, the Zoom integration allows you to call users via Zoom and attach meetings and webinars as post attachments.

How to enable the Zoom integration

For Admins

Before end users can install the Zoom Integration, the platform Admin needs to visit the Admin Panel Integrations and toggle on the Zoom Integration.


For regular users

As a regular user, you can open the Integrations page in the User Settings and toggle on the Zoom Integration.

A popup will then appear, guiding you to sign in to Zoom and give permissions to the Happeo Zoom Integration. After you have approved these, the popup will close and the Integration is ready to use.


Scope of permissions

With access to your Zoom account, Happeo’s Zoom Integration can:

  • Read your user information
    • This is used to get your basic Zoom information and your Zoom user ID, which we utilize if you uninstall the Zoom Happeo integration from Zoom. If you decide to uninstall the Integration, we will get notified of this and remove all your Zoom data from our Integration Database
  • Manage meetings / webinars
    • Create: These are used to create meetings with other users when you call them
    • Get: These are used to get meeting / webinar information if you attach a meeting / webinar to a post as an attachment (by pasting the link)

Calling via the Zoom integration

You can call using Zoom very easily! Simply:

  1. Open a user's profile
  2. Click the video call button and select Zoom (If Zoom is the only option, it will just call immediately with Zoom)

Note: This functionality is also the same in the mobile app 


Attaching a meeting or webinar to a Post, Article, or comment

You can attach Zoom meetings or webinars to Posts, Articles, and comments. This will make it easy to share meetings with a larger audience and for example, broadcast an all-hands webinar on a Happeo Channel.

To attach a meeting or webinar to a Post, Article, or comment, you can:

  1. Copy the meeting / webinar URL from Zoom. You can use either the meeting join URL or the URL from the Zoom meeting editor
  2. Paste it to a Post, Article, or comment and that's it!
If you then hover your cursor on top of the attachment, you will see the ability to add a calendar event.

Removing the Zoom integration

For Admins

Admins can go to the Integrations page in the Admin Panel and disable the Zoom Integration. This will disable it for all users in an organization.

For regular users

Users can remove the Zoom Integration by visiting the Integrations in the User Settings and toggling off the Zoom integration. 


Uninstalling the Zoom integration from Zoom

If you remove the Zoom integration from Happeo, we recommend that you also remove it from Zoom itself. To do that:

  1. Log in to your Zoom account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace
  2. Click Manage > Installed Apps or search for the Happeo app
  3. Click the Happeo app
  4. Click Uninstall


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