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This article aims to provide you with information regarding seating types.

What is a seat?

A seat refers to the permission of access a user has to your Happeo environment. For example, you may have a number of assigned and available seats, all of which are and are not yet occupied by users within your environment. 

Types of seats

The types of seats include:

  • Seated
  • Deskless (will be deprecated)
  • Unseated

How to manage seats for users

To manage the seat type for a specific user, you, as an Admin, can:

  1. Go to Admin Settings by clicking your avatar and selecting Admin Settings
  2. Click User Management
  3. Click the three dots next to a user
  4. Select Permission management
  5. Uncheck Inherit permissions and seating settings from the organizational unit
    1. This will enable you to select the seat type for the specific user


Seated and unseated users

Seated users have access to all Happeo features and integrations. 

On the other hand, unseated users do not have any access to Happeo’s features and integrations.

Deskless users

The Deskless seat was created at the time when Google Cloud IDs did not have access to Drive. This means that setting the Deskless seat will disable all Drive functionality on the platform.

However, nowadays there are also cloud ID users who do have access to Drive. For those users, you should use the Seated option in Happeo so that they can also use the Drive functionality within Happeo.

If you assign the Deskless seat to a Happeo user, then the user cannot use Drive functionalities in Happeo even if they have Drive access.

Happeo "cleans up" those Drive integrations from the Happeo interface (the purpose of this is to not confuse users who have no Drive access).

In summary

Deskless users have limited access to Google Workspace integrations. The user type is used when provisioning users without a full Google Workspace license.

Seated users can be demoted to Deskless users as well, but we do not recommend this.

Setting a user as Deskless will remove the following features:

  • Channel folder
  • Channel calendar
  • Channel widgets
  • Pages Google Drive folder widget
  • Pages Google Drive file
  • Pages Google Drive file list
  • Pages Google Calendar event list
  • Search from Google Drive
  • Search from Google Calendar
  • Search from Gmail

These limitations mean that Happeo will automatically hide all these integrations from the user. This includes Channels Sections and Widgets as well as Page Widgets that use these integrations.

User types

To read about user types, please refer to this article.


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