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This article aims to provide a guide on how to set up the Microsoft integrations inside Happeo.


To set up the Microsoft integrations, you will first need to enable the integrations inside Happeo. Then, you can accept permissions inside your Azure AD tenant on behalf of users.

Allowing the integrations

As a Happeo admin, go to the Happeo Admin panel and select the Integrations page. You can see all the available integrations for your organization on this page. From here, you can turn on the different Microsoft integrations to allow users in Happeo to enable them in their user settings individually.


Enabling the integration at the user level

For this step, please use an account that is also an admin in your Azure AD tenant.

Go to your user settings and select the Integrations tab. Here, a user can enable each integration, one by one. Do so by pressing the “enable” button on one of the Microsoft integrations.

If you cannot see one, please go back to the previous section, or refresh the page. If you get an error when enabling the integration, you may retry a couple of times and if the error persists, please contact support.


Accepting scopes inside Azure

Now that you have enabled the integration once at the user level, you are able to see a new enterprise application in your Azure AD. You will now need to approve the permission scopes on behalf of the users in the whole tenant, as we are using two scopes that can only be approved by an admin.

Go to your Azure portal, select Azure AD, and then Enterprise applications. You can search for “Happeo” and you should be able to see an enterprise application called “Happeo - Integrations”. 


Click on that application to open its settings and select Security - Permissions. You will see a big blue button with the text “Grant Admin consent for [your Azure AD tenant name]”. Please click on that button. 


Voila! Now the permissions have been accepted on behalf of all users in your Azure AD tenant and the users can individually enable the integrations inside Happeo.

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