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In this article, you can gain some insight into user cards.

Happeo displays a user card for every user. The information displayed here is synced from Google Workspace and is always up-to-date. Some of the information is managed by the user themself but most are admin managed

User information from Google Workspace and Microsoft

Here's the list of user information synced from Google Workspace and/or Microsoft. 


  • Profile picture
  • Phone numbers and their labels
    • E.g. work phone number
  • Primary email 
  • Secondary emails
  • Position title 
  • Department
  • Manager
  • Work address
  • Cost center
  • Birthday
  • Additional info (custom user attributes)
  • Calendar schedule
  • Google groups/Microsoft groups memberships
  • Organizational unit

User information from Happeo

Some of the information is user-managed and comes from Happeo. Here's the list of the information:

Managed through User information > My information > Additional information

  • Description
  • Skills

Managed through User information > My information > My settings

  • Out-of-office start date
  • Out-of-office end date
  • Out-of-office message

People search

The People search searches for the following information:

  • Name
  • Primary email
  • Phone numbers
  • Primary organization (title, department, location)
  • Additional info (description, skills, out-of-office message)


The user information is synced within two hours. This means that when a Google Workspace or Microsoft admin changes user information, the user information will be reflected in Happeo.

However, Happeo does keep a 12-hour cache of opened users, meaning that you may see old user information for up to 12 hours if the user data is fetched from the cache.

Updating your Happeo profile picture

The Happeo user profile picture is synced from Google Workspace or Microsoft. However, if you would like to update your profile picture manually, you can navigate to your User Settings and click on "Change Avatar". This will take you to your Google or Microsoft account and you will be able to update your picture for both Happeo and Google Workspace/Microsoft.

By updating your profile picture through your Google or Microsoft account, all Google Workspace or Microsoft services will have the same photo (Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Outlook, OneDrive, etc.).

Hide users from search

You can hide a user from search by unselecting the contact sharing in the Google Workspace admin panel.

  1. From the Admin console Home page, go to Apps Google Workspace Directory
  2. Click on Sharing settings
  3. Select Enable contact sharing and save your changes

For Microsoft users, please see this article