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In this article, you can learn how your requests are prioritized by Happeo's development team.

How does Happeo define different requests that come from customers? Happeo defines all requests into three main categories.



An improvement is used when a current part of the product is working as designed but needs to be improved to ensure it works in the way that an end-user would expect or would want it to.

Feature Request

A feature request is used when a completely new functionality is requested. This can be a new part of Happeo or just a single feature.


A bug is a current functionality that is not working as designed. This could range from some small user interface issue to an entire feature not working.


After the specific request has been categorized the request will be prioritized.

Improvement and feature request

With improvements and feature requests we will prioritize based on the following:

  1. The number of customers that have requested the feature
  2. The effort and cost required to build
  3. How closely it aligns with Happeo's product strategy

We do our planning three months in advance. Improvements and feature requests will take a minimum of three months to be prioritized.


With bugs, we will always prioritize right away and endeavor to release a fix as soon as possible.

What do we need when reporting bugs or asking for new features

Improvement and Feature Request

  1. Problem: What is the problem? Explain the problem in as much detail as you can and how it affects your usage of Happeo
  2. Possible Solutions: What are the possible solutions to this problem? How might it work/look?
  3. Use Case: What is the use case for this feature or improvement?
  4. Current Workaround: Describe how customers are currently achieving this


  1. Problem: What is the problem? Please explain in as much detail as possible
  2. Reproduction steps: Explain the steps required to reproduce the issue
  3. Severity: How severe is the bug? How does it impact your use of Happeo?
  4. Users affected: Is this affecting a single user or a specific group of users or all users?
  5. When did it first appear: What date did you first notice this issue?
  6. Is it still happening: Is the issue still happening?
  7. Device/environment and context if known: What browser/version are you using? Are there any errors in the browser Console? Is there any other context that we should know?
  8. If possible, when reporting the bug to our support team, please perform troubleshooting as instructed in this article

Why is it important to provide this information?

This information will help us prioritize and deal with feature requests and product bugs.

Submit a ticket

If you would like to submit a ticket, you can do so by following this link.

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