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This article explains how to manage Groups from your Admin Settings.


Where can you manage groups?

You can manage groups from the Admin Settings:

  1. Click your avatar at the top-right corner of the platform
  2. Click Admin Settings
  3. Click Group Management

Group Management tab

Health status

Here, you can find the health status of the most recent group updates as well as previous updates. 



Health status indications

  • Good: 0 update errors
  • Intermittent: < 10% errors
  • Error: > 10% errors

Provisioning logs

To view the provisioning logs, you can click View logs.

Here, you can find:

  • Group names
  • Group emails
  • Last updated
  • Status
    • Success
    • Error

Group overview

The group overview contains:

  • Total number of groups in your Happeo
  • Group names
  • Groups emails
  • When the groups were last updated
  • Member counts of the groups
  • If all users from the groups are included
    • Managed from your provisioning source
  • If the groups are visible in Happeo’s Search

Search for groups

You can search for groups using the search bar at the top-right corner of the page. 

Export group CSV

To export a CSV of the groups in your environment, you can click the Export button at the right side of the page. 

Group settings

When you click the three dots next to a group, you can:

  • Hide from Search
  • Edit groups in your provisioning source
  • Update from directory

Permission management

By selecting groups from the list, you can click Permission management at the top-left corner of the page to manage their permissions.

Group visibility

To edit group visibility for all of your groups at once, you can click Visible in Search. You can select one of the following options:

  • Include all the groups in Search
  • Remove all the groups from Search


I received an error status

If you received an error status for a group when viewing the logs, please update the group. 

If updating the group does not change the status, we recommend that you contact our support team. When doing so, please provide us with a screenshot of the error message (by clicking the arrow next to the error log).



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