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This article outlines the ways you can customize the look and feel of your Happeo email notifications.


What is it?

In Happeo’s admin settings, you can customize the look and feel of Happeo’s email notifications, whether it’s for new articles, new posts, announcement reminders, etc. Below, you can find all the types of email notifications you may receive from Happeo, all of which can be customized:

  • Announcement reminder
  • Channel ask to join
  • Channel inform join
  • Channel promote to editor
  • Channel shared
  • Comment mention
  • Daily digest
  • Ghostwriting new post
  • Ghostwriting permission approved
  • Ghostwriting permission request
  • New article
  • New comment
  • New post
  • Organization invite
  • Post mention
  • Post review new comment
  • Post review new reviewer
  • Post review post approved
  • Post review post unapproved
  • Post review post updated

How to customize email branding

To customize the way Happeo email notifications look, as an admin, you can navigate to:

  1. Admin settings
  2. Branding
  3. Email branding

By default, on the right, you will be presented with a template preview of what new article email notifications look like. 

In this article, we will outline what it looks like to customize a new article email notification.

On the left, you can find all the customizable features of the email notification.


Email branding

  • Font family – The font of the title of the article and body text
  • Font color – The color of the title article and body text
  • Link color – The color of hyperlinks included in the article
  • Background color – The background color of the email notification

Header styles

  • Header background color – The background color of the header
  • Header text color – The color of the header text
  • Header text alignment – The positioning of the header (left, center and right)
  • Header border radius – The rounding of the header’s corners
    • You can adjust the border radius either by typing in pixels (e.g. 6px) or percentages (10%)
      • Pixels – 0 pixels is the lowest whereas 10 pixels is the highest, rounding the edges of the header
      • Percentages – 0 is the lowest percent while 50 is the highest, creating an oval-like shape of the header
  • Upload logo for email – When you upload a logo for the email, the image will be resized to fit in the middle of the header
    • Recommended size – 140 x 26 pixels
    • Uploading a logo for the email will replace the header text
  • Upload header image – When you upload a header image, the image will take up the header space
    • Recommended size – 670 x 100 pixels
    • Uploading a header image will replace the header text
  • Header images will be displayed for… – When displaying images in emails, a public link to the image is required (with an expiration date; for security reasons). This option allows you to choose for how long the header image will be visible
    • By default, the header image is set to display for 0 days
    • The reason for this setting is that all images in emails are public to the rest of the world. To ensure they do not end up being available to the world forever, a constraint is set after which they become inaccessible


Button styles

  • Main button background color – The color of the button that takes you to the article in Happeo
  • Main button text color – The color of the text displayed in the button that takes you to the article in Happeo

Footer styles

  • Footer text – Here, you can text in what you would like as the footer. The footer is visible at the end of the email notification below the main button

Send test email

This option sends a test email. When you press Send test email, you can enter the email addresses to whom the test email will be sent. Please make sure to add commas between the emails if you want to send test emails to multiple users. 

You can also click on Send to myself to send a test email to yourself.

Email template settings

In this section, you can reset the template settings by clicking on Reset styling to default settings.

Saving your email template settings

Once you have adjusted the settings to your liking, please save your settings by clicking on Save in the bottom right corner of the page.

Email translations

Depending on the language you’ve set your Happeo to (through your user preferences), your emails will be, by default, translated into your selected language. 

Email branding 3.png

To read more about setting your language preferences, please see this article.


Header images are not appearing in email notifications

The visibility of header images in email notifications depends on the settings you have configured. If the visibility duration for the header image is set to 0 days, it means that the image will not be displayed in the email notification at any time. 

To ensure that the header image appears in the notification, you need to set a specific date range during which the image should be visible. By setting an appropriate duration, you can ensure that recipients of the email will see the header image as intended.

No article text preview in email notifications

To enable article text previews in email notifications, it's necessary to include text within the subtitle section of the article. The subtitle serves as a summary or brief description of the article content. By providing relevant and engaging text in the subtitle, recipients of the email notifications will be able to get a preview or glimpse of the article's content before they click to read the full article.


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