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In this article, you can read about how to manage the Launcher as well as add and remove apps.


What is it?

The Happeo Launcher is an application catalog that is shared with all users in the organization. Adding a launcher item will make it visible to all organization users in the catalog. 

The launcher items need a name and URL to open. The icon is automatically fetched from the URL if possible but admins can also add their own icons. Adding a description will help in finding the application in Search.

Find out more about managing your own personal Launcher applications here.

Reordering Launcher items

As of now, as an Admin, the only way to have a specific order of Launcher items throughout your environment is by removing and re-adding them. Below, you can find some tips on the reordering process:

  • Each user has the ability to reorder their own Launcher list using A-Z, Z-A, or custom (they create a custom order)
    • Therefore, Admins can add a space before an item's name to have it appear at the top of the A-Z list
      • For example, " Zebra" would be at the top of a user's Launcher list when ordered from A-Z because the space before the 'Z' counts as a symbol that is sorted before 'A'
    • We recommend that you encourage the users to set up their own list of favorite items. Once they do that, the listed order is less important
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