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In this article, you can read about Lifecycle Management and what it entails.


Lifecycle Management’s auto-archiving feature under maintenance

Starting November 23rd, the auto-archiving feature in Lifecycle Management will be temporarily unavailable for all customers while we improve the automation engine. In the meantime, you can manually audit your stale content in the Lifecycle Management tab of the Admin Panel.

You can learn more in this blog post.

What is it?

Lifecycle Management is about managing the content in Happeo and making sure that stale content will be archived automatically or reviewed by owners. This helps to keep the information up to date, or at least get rid of the unnecessary information that no one has actively used or updated.

Currently, the feature only affects Channels and Pages.

  • Lifecycle Management is not activated by default for organizations
  • Admins can select the duration after which a Page or a Channel will be considered stale, in other words not active or up-to-date
  • Admins can enable staleness and automatic archival
  • Only Owners of a particular Channel or Page can see if the Channel or Page is stale (in their User Settings). The Editors and Viewers won’t see it. They will only “see” if it is archived
  • The Lifecycle Management is not shown in User Settings before the admin has enabled the Lifecycle Management

How to enable and manage the Lifecycle of Channels and Pages

As an Admin, to enable and manage Lifecycle Management, you can:

  1. Navigate to your Admin Settings by clicking your Happeo avatar and selecting Admin Settings
  2. Click Lifecycle Management from the settings menu
  3. Select Channels or Pages at the top
    1. You can do this process for both Channels and Pages
  4. Toggle Active under Activate life cycle management
  5. Adjust how long a Channel / Page stays active / updated - This means that, for example, if you set this option to one month if a Channel or Page is not active or updated for one month, it becomes stale
  6. (Optional) Toggle automatic Channel / Page archiving - If you set this option to one month, for example, stale Channels and Pages will be archived one month after they are considered stale


Channels are measured by their activeness. If none of the following events happens during the activeness period, the Channel will be considered “stale."

Activeness can be determined by the following:

  • Participants added or removed
  • Channel Folders created or updated
  • Channel Calendar created or updated
  • Channel Google Meets or Microsoft Teams created or updated
  • Post, comment, like created, updated, or deleted
  • Channel Integrations activated or updated
  • Channel unarchived
  • Settings updated
  • Draft edited, shared, or published
  • Post pinned


Pages are not tracked by their activeness, but rather by their up-to-dateness. So every time a Page Author / Editor makes changes to the Page or publishes it, its “reviewed date” value is updated.

Your entities

There is a view in User Settings where you can see your stale entities and easily click "Update" for those you know are still valid.

This section is not shown if the Lifecycle Management is not activated by an Admin.

Updating stale Pages and Channels

To take a Page or Channel out of its "stale" state, you can:


  1. Navigate to the Admin Settings
  2. Click Pages from the sidebar on the left
  3. Click Stale
  4. Click Update next to the Page you wish to take out of its "stale" state


  1. Navigate to the Admin Settings
  2. Click Channels from the sidebar on the left
  3. Click Stale
  4. Click Update next to the Channel you wish to take out of its "stale" state