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Here, you can learn about what a custom privacy policy is and how you can set up and distribute one.


What is it?

A custom privacy policy refers to a policy that a platform administrator can put forth on top of Happeo’s standard privacy policy. For example, perhaps you as an organization would like to present additional policies aside from what Happeo has presented that users need to accept before using your environment.

How to make a custom privacy policy

Making a custom privacy policy is simple. You can write your additional policies in a document (e.g. Google Docs) or perhaps convert it into a PDF form, whichever you see fit, just as long as you can obtain a URL of the document. 

How to add a custom privacy policy

As a platform admin, you can navigate to: 

  1. Admin settings 
  2. Security 
  3. Privacy policy & user feedback

From there, copy-paste the URL of the document you created into the Privacy Policy URL field and click on Save

How a custom privacy policy works in Happeo

Once a custom privacy policy has been set up, users who log into or open Happeo for the first time ever since the custom privacy policy was added, will be presented with a pop-up that directs them to read the privacy policies of Happeo and the additional policies that you put forth. 

Users will need to:

  1. Click the checkbox that states "I allow Happeo to process my personal data for the purpose of providing the service, and confirm that I have read and accept the Terms of Use, Happeo Privacy Policy, and [your organization's] Privacy Policy
  2. Lastly, users can then click Confirm, denoting that the user has accepted the policies 
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