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In this article, you can read about how to whitelist an IP address.


What is IP whitelisting?

IP whitelisting is a security feature that enables platform administrators to control and limit access to a Happeo environment. For example, an admin can enable access to their environment from specific IP addresses, limiting the locations from where users are able to access the environment. 

Note about the Happeo Mobile App: These restrictions also apply to the Happeo Mobile Application.

Note about restrictions for non-admin users: The IP whitelist feature restricts access to Happeo based on IP addresses. However, it's important to note that admins can still access Happeo even when an IP address whitelist is configured. This is because the whitelist restriction applies only to non-admin users.

How to whitelist an IP address in Happeo

A platform admin can whitelist an IP address in Happeo by navigating to: 

  1. Admin settings 
  2. Security
  3. IP address whitelist 
  4. Toggle on the whitelisting feature and click on Activate
  5. Add an IP address and click on Add

How to find an IP address

To find an IP address, whether it’s public or local, please see this article that will guide you through the process of finding either of these types of IP addresses.

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