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This article aims to provide information regarding Happeo status updates, how to interpret them, and where you can find them.

Happeo status

You can navigate to this website that provides you with any incidents or system failures ongoing in Happeo.

Additionally, if you wish to subscribe to Happeo status updates, you can most certainly do so by clicking on Subscribe to updates at the top right corner of the website provided above.


How to interpret the information

When you navigate to Happeo's status updates page, you can view the overall uptime percentage for Happeo's Web Application over the last 90 days. Uptime refers to all systems being up and running whereas downtime means that all or part of Happeo's services is down. 

Operational means that a feature is currently working as intended. 

Below the Web Application, you can find an overview of other Happeo features and their status. If you hover over the question marks next to the feature names.

If you scroll down even more, you can find a snippet of past incidents (if there were any) per date (descending from the current date). If you wish to look at a broader overview, you can click on Incident history which will show you any incidents that may have happened over a span of three months. 


You can click on the left or right arrows to navigate between months. 

In the same window, you can select Uptime which will show you an overview of the uptime percentage per month. 

Additionally, if you want to go back to the Current Status window, you can scroll down and select Current Status on the bottom left. 

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