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This article provides information regarding the Freshdesk Page Widget, its components, and how to install it for your Happeo Pages.

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What is the Freshdesk Widget?

The Freshdesk Page Widget enables users to submit Freshdesk tickets via Happeo Pages. Using this Widget on a Page allows users to quickly create support tickets from the comfort of their Happeo environment, enabling a simple and convenient process.

How to install the Freshdesk Widget

Installing the Freshdesk Page Widget is simple! 

As an Admin, you can:

  1. Navigate to the Admin Settings (by clicking on your Happeo avatar)
  2. Go to Apps (Happeo’s App Marketplace)
  3. Select Freshdesk Widget
    1. You can find it in the Pages tab or
    2. You can search for it in the search bar
    3. You can also find it in All apps
  4. Click on Add to Happeo

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How to use the Freshdesk Widget in Pages

Creating a Freshdesk Widget in Freshdesk

First, you will need to make a Freshdesk Widget in Freshdesk to embed it into a Happeo Page. To do so, you will need to be a Freshdesk Admin:

  1. First, log in to your Freshdesk account
  2. Go to Admin > Widgets 
  3. Click Create a new widget
  4. Enable options based on what you'd like your customers to see when they open the widget
  5. Once you're done, click the Embed code tab, copy and paste the code to the page where you want the widget to appear right before the </body> tag

Adding the Freshdesk Widget to a Page

To add the Freshdesk Widget to a Page, you can simply:

  1. Navigate to a Page where you wish to add the Widget
  2. Click on the edit symbol at the top right corner of the Page
  3. Add a new Section if you haven’t done so already
  4. Hover over the section and click on Add Widget
  5. Select the Freshdesk Widget from the Page Widget list

Freshdesk Widget options

The Freshdesk Widget options can be found when you click on the Freshdesk Widget. A menu should appear on the right-hand side of the Page, titled Custom Widget.

The basics

  • Freshdesk Widget ID – Can be found in the embed widget code labeled ‘widget_id’
  • Freshdesk Widget URL – Can be found in the embed widget code. It is the ‘src’ value
  • Locale – The language of your widget. For more information, please see this link
  • Show launcher – Shows or hides the floating button in the bottom right
  • Show button – Shows or hides the button from the Pages section
  • Button text – The text shown in the Widget button
  • (Optional):
    • Prefill fields (JSON) – Utilizing the prefill API, you gain the ability to populate any ticket field as your customers initiate the opening of the contact form within the Widget
      • // Prefill the subjectFreshworksWidget('prefill', 'ticketForm', {    subject: 'Snow White T-Shirt enquiry'});
      • For a comprehensive roster of attributes that can be utilized with the prefill API, please refer to the API documentation
    • Disable fields (JSON ARRAY) – Using the disable ticket fields API, you can effectively deactivate specific fields within the contact form, preventing customers from editing them. This can be complemented by utilizing the prefill API to populate a ticket field before disabling it. Furthermore, this functionality also extends to disabling custom fields within the contact form. In situations where a required field is disabled, it becomes essential to ensure that it's prefilled to circumvent any issues
      • // Disable the type fieldFreshworksWidget('disable', 'ticketForm', ['type'])
      • To see a list of attributes compatible with the disable API, please consult the API documentation
    • Hide fields (JSON ARRAY) – The hide ticket fields API can conceal specific fields that might not be pertinent to your customers under particular circumstances. This functionality extends to hiding custom fields within the contact form as well. In cases where a required field is hidden, it becomes essential to prefill the field beforehand to ensure its completion
      • // Hide the type fieldFreshworksWidget('hide', 'ticketForm', ['type'])
      • To view a list of attributes suitable for employment with the hide API, we recommend reviewing the API documentation
    • Hide choices in dropdown fields (JSON) – The hide choices in dropdown fields API enables you to hide choices that customers can make when filling in the contact form

You can adjust the Widget styling settings by clicking on Widget styles in the Custom Widget menu.

Additional information

Please refer to this article for more information regarding the Freshdesk Widget API.



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