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This article explains what Search AI is and how to use it.

Beta information: Search AI is currently an open beta feature.

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What is it?

Happeo Search leverages cutting-edge AI to transform your intranet search experience.

Video information: The following video is currently being updated. Please note that some feature functionalities are missing.

Concise syntheses

Search AI delivers to-the-point summaries, combining relevant information from various sources (including your intranet and integrations) into one easy-to-understand answer. No more struggling with perfect keywords – Search AI understands synonyms and context, ensuring accurate results even when your search terms aren't precise.

Search AI can give answers to questions using data from:

Internal sources:

  • Pages
  • Posts
  • Comments
  • User profiles

External sources:

  • Google Drive
  • Google Docs
  • Google Slides
  • Sharepoint
  • OneDrive
  • Word

However, Search AI cannot combine information from internal and external sources; it can, however, combine information from various external sources, such as combining elements of a Google Doc and a Slide into one response.

By default, Search AI will use internal sources. You can, however, choose to search through integrations you’ve enabled by switching the toggle underneath the AI-generated response.

Seamless insights & multilingual support

Happeo breaks down communication barriers for a global workforce. Admins can manage content and searches in over 100 languages, while users receive information synthesized from across the intranet in their native language.

Additionally, Search AI will provide answers in the same language you type your query.

Note: The shorter the query, the less sure the AI will be about the language you are using. If the AI is unsure, its answer will be in English. Additionally, any query less than 10 characters will also revert to English results.

You can also override this automatic translation by clicking the language dropdown menu below the response on the left. 

Note: Overriding the automatic translation will be available on June 27th.

Personalized for you

Happeo goes beyond generic search. Users receive information specifically relevant to their role and location, increasing efficiency. This personalized approach ensures everyone finds what they need quickly and easily.

Transparent confidence score

Happeo provides a confidence rating with each answer, allowing users to determine the information's reliability and guides them to decide whether they want to run a new query, surface a gap in knowledge or take the information from the response they feel they can trust.

Our evaluator will provide a confidence rating based on two factors:

  1. Quality of results – Checks to see if the results contain the specific answer being requested. This is helpful for platform admins to understand where the knowledge gaps are
  2. Relevancy of response – Checks to see whether the response directly answers the question

The evaluator then combines the outputs of these two factors and provides an overall assessment of its confidence in the response provided. The confidence levels are as follows:


  • The evaluator icon will be green
  • The tooltip next to the evaluator when clicked will open a modal that provides a detailed explanation as to why we have given this confidence rating

Not confident

  • We will display a caveat message above the response highlighting that we are not confident in the accuracy of the response provided
  • The evaluator icon will be orange
  • The tooltip next to the evaluator when clicked will open a modal that provides a detailed explanation as to why we have given this confidence rating

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Actionable outcomes

Happeo enables users to seamlessly continue their workflow with clear next steps directly within the search results. 

While you type your query, Search AI scans the sources it finds. It looks for two things:

  • Files
  • Custom Widgets

Search AI then analyzes these files and custom widgets. It considers what information they offer and how relevant they are to your original question. If they provide valuable insights, Search AI surfaces them below the original text.

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In-built feedback form

We provide a feedback form to improve our understanding of how users interact with our AI functions. We encourage users to share their experiences, especially when something doesn't work as expected. The more context you provide, the better we can understand and address any issues. The feedback form content will adapt based on emerging trends but will always be accessible through the thumbs up / thumbs down icons.

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Semantic search impact on results

Search results will still be displayed underneath the response. The AI function will not impact these results. However, we will introduce a new search capability called ‘Semantic Search’ separate from the AI function. Semantic search extends the search to include synonyms of the search query used and supporting non-English search queries.

How does it work?

When you type in a query, you can toggle Search AI on or off by clicking the “Ask AI” button. However, Search AI automatically turns on when a question is detected in Happeo’s search bar. 

For longer responses, you'll find additional details below the response itself by clicking “Read more.” This section might include explanations or supporting information. The sources used to generate the response will also be listed there, indicated by bracketed references within the text.

How to enable and manage it

To enable Search AI as an Admin, you can:

  1. Navigate to the Admin Settings by clicking your avatar and selecting Admin Settings
  2. Click Search from the left-hand navigation
  3. Toggle AI Search at the top of the page

Please note that to be able to search through specific integrations when Search AI is enabled, you must also enable Search AI for those specific integrations. To do so, you can:

  1. Click the downward arrow next to an integration you want to enable Search AI for
  2. Click the Search AI toggle to enable Search AI for the integration

How to use it

  1. From Happeo’s search bar, search for specific information with search terms or ask a direct question like "What's the latest company policy on remote work?"
  2. Click the Ask AI button (or it will activate automatically for questions starting with "how," "what," or using a question mark) for an AI-generated response specific to your query
  3. If the AI response doesn't cover everything, toggle the Search from integrations button to search relevant connected apps like Slack or Confluence. This will generate a new response based on your initial query and the chosen apps
  4. Actionable outcomes: Whether the AI surfaces files or custom widgets, you can easily click on them to continue your workflow
  5. Change the language: To change the language, you can click the globe button and select the language you want the answer to be translated to
  6. Expand the confidence score: To see a detailed explanation of the confidence score given, you can simply click the Answer evaluation button
  7. Provide feedback: If you wish to provide feedback, you can click the thumbs up or down icons next to “Was the answer helpful?”
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