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This article provides a guide on how to search for specific content, how Admins can create Search Connectors, and how they are reviewed.


What is it?

Federated Search enables you to search for content in any of your SaaS products (other than Happeo, Google Workspace, and Microsoft) through Happeo. 

Some of the tools that you can perform searches for via Happeo include:

How does it work?

When you type in anything in Happeo’s Search box, predictions will appear from all sources, including Federated Search Apps (e.g. Slack). These predictions will only appear if they have been enabled in the Admin settings and have been authorized by a regular user. If you, as a regular user, would like to learn how to authenticate a Search Connector, please see the section below.


If you click on a Federated Search item directly, it will redirect you to the app in another tab and you will automatically be logged in if you have already been authenticated. 

If you hit Enter, you will be redirected to the Search Overview where you can see results from all sources. Search results from connected apps (e.g. Jira) will always appear at the bottom of this page. You can then go to the Search tab and only see results from a specific app. 

How to authenticate Search Connectors (apps)

As a regular user, you must first authenticate the apps you wish to see Search Predictions from. To do this, first:

  1. Type in what you are looking for in Happeo’s Search bar
  2. Hit Enter or scroll down through the Search Results and click on See all results for: “(what you typed in)”. This will bring you to a new window
  3. At the top of the page, you will see a list of tabs, some of which include apps that your platform Admin has enabled. Click on the app you wish to see Search Results for
  4. A message will appear indicating that you have not authorized the app. Click on Authorise and follow the instructions
  5. Once you have logged in and authorized the app, navigate back to Happeo and refresh the page. You should now be able to view Search Results in both the Search Predictions and in the Search Overview for the app you enabled (depending on what the platform Admin has enabled in terms of the Search App settings)

Where do Search Results come from?

All the results and filters come directly from the search API of each of the Search Apps / Connectors. Please note that Search Results and Search Predictions may vary, as they come from different endpoints. However, these will be kept the same as much as possible.

Install a Search Connector

As an Admin, navigate to:

  1. Admin settings
  2. Apps
  3. Marketplace Apps
  4. Here, you can find an overview of the apps available to be installed 
  5. Choose the app to which you want to connect and click Add to Happeo
  6. Once you’ve clicked on Add to Happeo, you will receive a notification stating that you’ve installed the app successfully. To finalize this process, you will need to enable the Search App in the Search Settings. You can click on Take me there within the notification to complete this process
  7. If you don’t receive a notification, you can also select the Search tab within the Admin settings
  8. Within the Search tab, find the app you installed and toggle the option you wish to have enabled. You can choose between / both:
    1. Show in search (full Search Overview)
    2. Show in Search Predictions (Search bar autocomplete)


Uninstall a Search Connector

Uninstalling a Search Connector is simple! 

As an Admin, you can navigate to the:

  1. Admin Settings
  2. App
  3. Click on the app you wish to uninstall
  4. Select Uninstall
  5. Click on Yes, uninstall

Create a new Search Connector

If you want to create your own Search Connector, please refer to this article for instructions. 


Does Happeo index any of my data?

No, Happeo does not index any of your data. 

How does authentication work?

The authentication process for search connectors involves authorizing the user as required by the third-party API. Typically, we employ OAuth 2.0 authentication, which includes the following steps:

  1. The user initiates the authentication process by accessing the search connector
  2. The search connector redirects the user to the third-party service where authentication takes place
  3. The third-party service authenticates the user and provides a code to the search connector
  4. The search connector then exchanges this code for tokens from the third-party API
  5. The tokens obtained from the third-party API are securely stored in the search connector's database
  6. For subsequent search requests to the third-party API, the search connector uses the user token
  7. To ensure the highest level of security, the tokens stored in the database are encrypted
    1. We leverage Google's Key Management Service to encrypt the tokens
  8. It's important to note that the decryption keys used for token access are not accessible to humans, ensuring enhanced security

By following this process, the search connector securely authenticates users and obtains the necessary tokens for seamless interaction with the third-party API, allowing efficient and protected searching functionality.

Are all Search Apps free and how can I purchase an app? 

No, some apps will be paid and you will need to contact your customer success manager to get the apps installed. 

What is the price of a Search App? 

Please contact your CSM for a quote. 

Can Search apps be made for all tools? 

No, if a third-party tool does not have a Search API we will unfortunately not be able to make a connector for it. This is the current case with Google Chat, for example. 

Can I make my own Search App? 

Yes, we will provide the required materials for it, however, you will have the responsibility of maintaining it. Typical development can take between 1-2 months for a Search Connector of a senior developer. 

Why would a customer pay for my connectors if they can make their own for free?

Making a connector requires development resources, knowledge of the Happeo platform & the third-party tool, and intensive testing to make sure the connector works as it is intended. It also requires maintenance from the customer side. 

We will offer a package of ready-to-go connectors that are maintained and improved over time by us as a means to make the process easy and hassle-free. We do envision that for very niche tools, customers will create their own connectors as we will not be able to integrate with every single tool available.

What is the Search App roadmap? 

We will launch with Jira, Confluence, Slack, and a few more apps on the roadmap. If you want to check if your desired app is already on our list, please check in with your CSM.

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