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In this article, you can learn about what the Channel Navigation is and what it is used for.

What is it?

The Channel Navigation is the section on the left of the screen when you are viewing any Channel.


The options that are visible depend on your Channel setup. From there, you can access the following:


The discussion consists of the Channel feed. Here, you can create, view, and interact with posts and articles. 


Here, you can view the Channel folder which contains all the Channel's files. 

Google Meet

Google Meet enables you to video call with individual Channel members or with all members of the Channel. 


This is where you can view the Channel calendar. The Channel calendar consists of the schedules of each Channel member, where you can also create new events with the members of the Channel. 

Channel Analytics

Here, you can view the specific analytics for the Channel. Information such as who are the:

  • Top contributors - Provide you with an overview of the users who have contributed the most on the basis of the total number of posts and comments they have created
  • Influencers - Are determined based on the total number of post comments, post likes, and comment likes they have received



This option is available to owners and editors. The settings enable you to fine-tune and manage a Channel. 

Bookmark a Channel

The bookmark option on the right side of the Channel navigation enables you to bookmark the Channel. By bookmarking the Channel, it will be saved under the list of bookmarks which enables easier access. 

Search within a Channel

The search option on the right side of the Channel navigation enables you to search within the Channel. 

For example, when you click on Search, the Channel's name will be automatically inserted in the search field at the top of the page, enabling you to type in whatever you are looking for within the Channel. 

Channel members

When you click on the icon with figures of people, you can view the members of the Channel. As a Channel owner or editor, you can share the Channel with users and groups, edit their Channel role (i.e editor or participant), and remove users and/or groups. 

Hide a Channel

When you view the Channel members, you can also choose to hide the Channel