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This article provides you with information about Channel Integrations.


What are Channel Integrations?

Channel Integrations, such as Slack Bot or Google Chat Bot, enable you to show Happeo content in Slack Channels and Google Chatrooms. 

For instance, if you enable the Slack Bot Integration, whenever a new post is published in a specific Happeo Channel, a preview of that post can also be viewed in Slack.  

Types of Channel Integrations

Happeo provides several types of Channel Integrations.

Individual Integrations work differently and may require different types of steps to enable them.

Integrations will first need to be turned on by a Happeo admin in Admin Settings. Below, you can find two Integrations that you can toggle on in Happeo. By clicking on the links, you will find a guide on how to enable the Integrations.

After enabling these Integrations, you can then turn on the Integrations at a Channel level through the Channel settings.




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