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Here you will find an explanation of the differences between My News and My Stream and how each of these lives and works within your Happeo environment.

What is My News?

My stream includes content from Channels that a platform administrator has deemed as primary and secondary news channels

Primary News Channel

  • There can only be one primary news channel and it is displayed automatically to all users of a Happeo environment
  • This channel by default has notification settings set to high, meaning that all users of an environment will receive in-app and email notifications from new posts in the channel 

Secondary News Channels

  • A platform admin can make any Channel a secondary news channel and there can be a multitude (no limit) of these
  • Secondary news channels are shared with users the same way as any other Channel
  • If a user is a member of a secondary news channel that Channel will be visible in their news stream

How can admins set channels as primary or secondary?

  1. The platform admin can navigate to their Admin settings
  2. Select ‘Channels’
  3. Click on the three dots next to the Channel they wish to make a primary or secondary channel 
  4. Select ‘Set as primary news channel’ or ‘Add as secondary news channel’

Please remember that there can only be one primary news channel, so if a primary news channel already exists, the new Channel you choose to set as a primary news channel will replace the existing one.

What is My Stream?

My stream consists of new posts from Channels that a user is a member of, whether the notifications settings are set to low, medium, or high priority. If, however, a user does not want to see a specific Channel in their My stream they can navigate to: 

  1. User settings 
  2. Notification settings 
  3. Find the Channel that they want to hide
  4. Click on the arrow next to the Channel 
  5. Select muted

Moreover, My stream can also refer to a My stream page which is the social landing page combining all the posts that are relevant to you. It is made up of two streams: the first is My stream and the second stream is My news.

What is a Channel Feed Widget?

Channel feed widget allows you to create a Channel feed on a Page directly from a specific Channel. Below you can find options that you can choose from within a Channel feed widget:

  • Select channel: Choose to show a specific Channel from a list of Channels
  • Set as the user’s news stream: Set to show a user’s ‘My news’
  • Set as the user’s My stream: Set to show a user’s personalized My stream
  • Multiple channels: Decide on one, two, or three feeds. If you have more than one feed the additional feeds will show as a tab
  • List type: Pick a layout type from the preset options: News feed, blog feed, medium, tiny, carousel, banner, or mix

Main differences between My News, My stream, and a Channel feed widget

In general, the main difference between My news and My stream is that My news shows content related to company news (primary and secondary news channels) and My stream presents content from Channels that a user is a member of and excludes content related to the news channels.

My news can also refer to the landing page that utilizes the aforementioned features (My news and My stream). Lastly, a Channel feed allows for the use of My news and My stream. It is what carries the functionalities of these two but can also be customized to suit other needs. 


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