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Happeo instances can be merged should their provisioning sources be merged. When their provisioning sources are merged, the SSO setup for the existing environment will be used.

A plan of your migration roadmap should be shared with Happeo in advance so we can assist and consult you throughout the process.

What is and is not migrated?


  • Pages
  • Channels
  • Posts
  • Articles
  • Launcher (optional)

Not migrated

  • Platform Analytics
  • Bookmarks
  • Notifications
  • Settings (platform and User Settings)
  • User info (profile picture, skills, and description)
  • Admin setup (Branding, Email Branding, File Templates, and Custom Terms of Service)

Migration requirements

  • A mapping overview of old accounts to new accounts
  • A mapping overview of old Groups to new Groups
  • The old platform will be disabled at the time of the migration
  • Overview of trusted organizations
  • We prefer to run our migration in conjunction with the Identity Provider migration

Additional notes

  • Ownership of Content is transferred to a new account by Happeo (through mapping). This moves it from one instance to another
  • All Widgets / elements linking to Google or Microsoft will be broken in the migrated content
  • Remapping of Google or Microsoft Files, Folders, and links for migrated content will need to be done by you
  • The old platform should not be used anymore at the start of the migration
  • Pages and Channels cannot be merged into existing ones
  • It can take up to a few days before all the content is migrated
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