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In this article, you can read about how to download an overview of users within your Happeo environment.

What the user list CSV includes

The user list CSV includes the following:

  1. User IDs
  2. Primary emails
  3. Organization unit path. Examples include:
    1. Active Users/Internals
    2. Active Users/Externals
    3. Suspended Users
    4. System accounts/Enterprise Standard licensed
    5. Null
  4. Seat assigned
    1. True = Seated
    2. False = Unseated
  5. Suspended
    1. True = Suspended
    2. False = Not suspended
  6. The date and time the user accounts were created
  7. The date and time the user accounts were last updated
    1. Synced from Google Workspace
    2. Or Azure
  8. The date and time the user accounts were last seen
    1. Last seen reflects any interactions made in Happeo, such as clicking around, editing a Page, posting, etc.
    2. If a user has not used Happeo at all, they will be marked as Unknown
  9. The type of user
    1. User
    2. System account


Export user list CSV

The user list CSV can be found and downloaded in the:

  1. Admin Settings (by clicking your Happeo avatar at the top-right corner of the platform and Admin Settings)
  2. User Management
  3. Click Export next to the search bar in either the All seated or Suspended tab
    1. Note: Exporting from the All seated tab will export a list of all seated users. Exporting from the Suspended tab will export a list of all suspended users


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