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Configuring and maximizing engagement in Happeo Channels.


Channels are where you read, react to, and share Posts

  • While Pages present curated information and resources, Channels enable users to connect and collaborate by posting, reading, and responding to tracked announcements, engaging news Articles, and quick Posts
  • You can have any number of Channels, but they work best when each serves a specific use, audience, or topic – common Channel types include: news Channels, project Channels, team Channels, Q/A Channels, and social Channels
  • All the Channels a user can access will be listed in the Channels menu in the top-left corner of the site – Consider launching with just a few Channels so the users can get the hang of posting, responding, and managing their notifications, before you introduce more


Channels offer a wide range of configurations and permissions

  • Under the Settings tab of each Channel, you can customize it, enable tabs and integrations, then fill it with the right Editors and Viewers
  • Admins and Channel Editors can add both Google groups or individuals to Channels to ensure the right audience is notified of relevant Posts and conversations
  • Based on the Channel’s purpose, consider adding a description and featured hashtags, then set who can Post, comment, and use announcements as well as whether users can find, or ask to join, the Channel on their own

Notifications, feeds, and bots help to spread the word and drive engagement

  • Channel notifications help to ensure users won’t miss the latest news and updates – unlike Pages, users can set how and when they get notified about new activity happening in Channels where they’re a member, so be sure to explain how it all works
  • In addition to the notifications, it’s possible to embed Posts and Channel activity feeds into Page layouts (like your homepage, for instance) to spread awareness and increase alignment
  • If you really want to get the word out, you can use Happeo’s Google Chat and Slack Bots to turn the platform into a broadcast system that cascades Announcements, Articles, and Posts from selected Happeo Channels into specific Google spaces and / or Slack channels

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