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Managing User Settings in Happeo: A comprehensive guide.

Where to find the User Settings

Each user can set their preferences, inform the organization about their specific skills, select the level of notifications they wish to receive, and enable the integrations they want to use in the User Settings menu. 

To find the user settings menu, click your picture or initials in the top-right corner of the Happeo navigation and click User Settings. 



Under My information, users can change their profile picture to be more easily identifiable by colleagues and share their birthdate. Users can help the organization by adding their job description and skills to their profile – making them easier to find when someone needs help. 

Under My settings, users can choose their default language, choose their preferred time format or let others know when they are out of office. 


Under Notification settings, users can set when and how they are notified of activity in Channels where they are a member. This will improve their productivity by reducing unwanted notifications and emails or ensuring they don’t miss out on something that truly matters. 


Within Happeo Pages, users can view Drive, Calendar, and email integrations. They can also use integrations to connect directly with people using chat and meeting applications. 

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