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Making a successful launch: Key strategies and tips.

Hints for Launching the site

Congratulations on reaching this exciting milestone!

Complete a review of site permissions

Now that you are ready to launch, take the time to ensure that users will have access to the site overall and that groups and users will have access to the Pages and Channels that they will need for their roles.

Ensure that your organization is aware, excited, and ready for the launch

  • Ensure that team members know the launch is coming and why it's important to both themselves and the organization
  • Promote any learning opportunities that will be available to the team to provide peace of mind leading into this change
  • Schedule the launch on a Tuesday or Wednesday for the best results. People are less focused or more likely to be on vacation on Monday and Friday. Additionally, launching later in the week (e.g. Thursday) would give you less time to support new users before the weekend

Educate your team with intentionality

  • Make sure that the top things you intend to achieve with the launch of Happeo are prioritized in your training and guides. For example, if searching efficiently is the goal, ensure this is the first topic covered
  • Consider what learning resources have worked well in the past for your team as this is an excellent place to start. Then consider that people learn in different ways. Consider offering a variety of learning resources from short instructor-led sessions to short guides and videos
  • In the days that follow your launch day, consider posting a series of short tips on how to take advantage of other key site features

Bonus Hint: Celebrate the moment

  • Set the tone for the launch as a moment of celebration for the organization!
  • Provide recognition for your top contributors to the project, the pilot / launch, and for involvement within the site after the launch

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