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Building and Customizing the Launcher in Happeo: A Guide for Admins

This article is about the Launcher feature in Happeo, specifically for Admins. The Launcher provides users with easy access to a web-based business tools catalog, important files, and resources. Admins can learn how to build and customize launcher items by following simple steps outlined in the article. Additionally, the article suggests leveraging team collaboration to enhance the Launcher's functionality and maximize its benefits.

The Launcher: For Admins

With the Launcher, all your users can access your web-based business tools catalog along with links to key files and resources. Everyone can easily find the Launcher in the top-right corner of the Happeo Navigation Bar. Users can select (star) and filter their favorite, most-used links to easily access them later – regardless of where they are on the site.


How to build a launcher item

  1. Click your profile image in the top-right corner
  2. Click Admin Settings
  3. Select Launcher from the left-hand menu
  4. Click the Add Launcher App button
  5. Add desired details
  6. Click Save

Bonus hint: To enhance the functionality of the Launcher and maximize its usefulness for the entire team, you can encourage users to share the links and files they frequently access during their work. This valuable information will assist in expanding the feature and rapidly increasing its benefits across the team.


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