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Exploring search options and functionality in Happeo.

Different search options

In Happeo there are multiple ways to search:

  • Preview Search shows results as you begin to type into the Search Bar giving you quick access to popular results
  • Full Search provides full Search Results and filters once you have pressed the Enter key. After filtering results by content type, you are presented with even more granular filter options to find just what you need
  • Page / Channel Search appears as a magnifier icon on top of a Channel or Page you are visiting and helps you find information within that Page or Channel
  • Small Search is the search field that appears when you click the Pages or Channels menu on the top left in the Happeo Navigation Bar. These help you to find a specific Page or Channel


Search across platforms and connectors

With multiple layers of search, Happeo’s Search finds information within the platform but also in your cloud storage and file-sharing platform. You can even purchase additional Search Connectors to extend the Search to show results from Box, Confluence, Jira, Slack, or Zendesk.

Prioritize Search Results by content type

Admins can prioritize the order of search results by content type. Depending on which content types are the most important for your organization, you can prioritize the order in which they are presented. Content types include:

  • Pages
  • Channels
  • Files
  • Emails
  • Calendar items
  • People
  • Posts
  • Etc.


Bonus points: Search usage and terms in Advanced Analytics

With the Advanced Analytics add-on in Happeo, you get more detailed usage information about your intranet. Examples of search data include:

  • Unique search users
  • Average time to find results
  • Average time on opened results
  • Success percentage
  • Failure percentage
  • Top search terms

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