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This article details how to install and use Happeo’s mobile app

What is it?

Some of the key features of of Happeo’s mobile app include:

  • Access to core functionalities like browsing Channels, Pages, Posts, and the People directory
  • Manage settings for Channel notifications, integrations, and language
  • View your notifications and notification history
  • View your My Stream
  • Ability to search for information and content across the app
  • Ability to post and comment on Channels
  • Ability to react to posts and comments

You can find more information below.

How to download

You can download the Happeo Mobile App from the App Store and Google Play.


The navigation consists of the following:

  • Landing page (notifications and My Stream feed)
  • Channels menu
  • Pages menu
  • People menu
  • Posts menu
  • Settings
    • Settings are only accessible from the landing page by tapping your avatar in the top-right corner

You can tap on any of the quick filters to see more. To return to the landing page, simply tap Cancel on the right of the search bar.

For more information, please see the sections below.


The search bar, located at the top of your screen, helps you find the information you’re looking for, whether you're on the homepage, browsing Channels, or viewing Pages.

You can search for anything or tap filters like "Posts" to narrow your search. The app also supports Federated Search, allowing you to search through connected integrations like Google Drive, Gmail, Slack, Miro, etc.

Note: Federated Search works even if you don't have the corresponding app installed. Searching for Slack conversations, for instance, will open them in your default mobile browser. However, you will need to log in to Slack within the browser to view them.

Additional note: For Federated Search to work, you will need to authorize the integrations you wish for it to search through. Simply start typing your search in the bar and tap the desired integration. If not yet authorized, you'll see an "Enable integration" button. Tap the button and follow the authorization steps to enable searching within that integration. To unauthorize and disable an integration, please see the section “Settings > Integration settings” below.

Beta Mobile App 2.png

Landing page

The landing page consists of your:

  • Notifications
  • My Stream

Beta Mobile App 1.png


Your notifications tab, located at the top of the homepage, displays all your recent updates, including:

  • Announcements
  • Posts
  • Mentions
  • Comments & replies
  • Reactions

You can tap on any of the collapsable sections to see more. 

Mark as read

You can mark notifications as read by swiping left on them or long-pressing them and tapping “Mark as read.” A blue indicator will confirm it's been read. However, announcements require opening the post and tapping “I have acknowledged this.”

Mark all as read

At the bottom of your notifications list, use the "Mark all as read" slider. Swiping left will display all notifications and their corresponding Channels that will be marked as read. You can customize your selection by tapping the Channels you want to include or exclude. Once finished, tap the blue button in the bottom right corner stating "Mark [number] items as read."

View notification history

To view your notification history, you can tap on the clock icon at the top-right of the notifications section. 

Swipe left on a notification to mark it as "unread." This will bring it back to your notification section on the homepage. A blue confirmation box will appear briefly, stating, "Mark as unread."

Note: Your notification history can show you notifications up to three months old.

Hide notifications

Press and hold on a notification to "Hide notifications from this discussion." This will disable notifications for that specific post, preventing them from appearing in your feed. You can undo this by tapping “Undo” once the confirmation message of the changes you made appears at the bottom of your screen.

Manage priority settings for a Channel

You can manage a Channel’s notification priority settings from the mobile app in the following ways:

  1. Tap the pencil icon next to a Channel – This lets you adjust a Channel’s notification priority settings, such as high, medium, low, or muted priority
  2. From the settings menu under ‘Notification Settings’ – Scroll or search for the Channel you want, then tap on the pencil icon of the Channel you want to manage 
  3. Long pressing on a notification – If a notification is relevant to a Channel discussion or comment, you can choose to manage the Channel notifications by selecting this option when pressing and holding on a notification

From there, you can select one of the following options:

  • High priority
  • Medium priority
  • Low priority
  • Muted

For more information about notification settings, please refer to this article.

Beta Mobile App 3.png

Channels menu

A Channels menu will appear when you tap the Channels icon at the top of your homepage. You can find the following:

  • Bookmarked Channels (if any)
    • If you have bookmarked Channels, you can press and hold on them to remove, mute, or hide them
  • Recently viewed Channels
  • A list of Channels
    • You are the Owner of
    • You are an Editor of
    • You are a Member of
    • Or you have been permitted to view and join

You can search for a Channel using the search bar at the top of the menu.

In the same list, muted channels will appear with a bell icon and a dash over it, letting you know notifications are currently silenced.

You can customize the sorting view by tapping the “sort by” button on the right of the “All Channels” section and choosing the sorting style. You can sort by:

  • Alphabetical – This order organizes the Channels from A-Z
  • My order – This order is based on the custom organization you created through the Happeo desktop application

You can also tap the three dots next to a Channel to:

  • Add the Channel to your bookmarks
  • Mute or unmute the Channel
  • Hide the Channel

Channel feed

A Channel feed consists of all the posts made in a Channel, with the most recent at the top and the oldest at the bottom.

If you are not a member, a blue "Join Channel" button will appear at the bottom of your screen. Tapping this button sends a request to join, and depending on the Channel's settings, you'll either be granted immediate access or need to wait for approval.

Once you are a member of the Channel:

You can bookmark Channels and posts for easy access simply by tapping the bookmark icon at the top of a Channel feed or next to a specific post. A confirmation pop-up will appear briefly at the bottom of your screen, allowing you to "Undo" if needed.

Tapping the three dots next to a post allows you to:

  • Pin the post
  • View the post
  • Share the post
  • Delete the post
    • Only available to Channel Owners and Editors
    • If the post has been posted to multiple Channels, you are given the option to delete the post from a Channel you are viewing it from or from all the Channels the post was published to

Beta Mobile App 5.png

How to create a post

Creating a post requires posting permissions for the Channel. If you have permission, a blue plus icon will appear in the bottom right corner when viewing the Channel. Tap the icon to start writing your post.

Once you’ve finished writing your post, you can tap the Post button at the top right of the screen

How to post a comment and react

Post a comment

To comment, simply tap on a post to expand it and then tap the "Write a comment" field. Once you've written your comment, tap the blue arrow in the bottom right corner to publish it.

When you are viewing the comments field for a post, you can reply to a comment by tapping the Reply button below a comment to thread it. You can then write your comment and tap the blue arrow in the bottom right corner to publish it.

React to a post or comment

To react to a post, you can tap on a post to expand it and then tap the “Like” button at the bottom to react to it.

To react to a comment, you can tap on the “Like” button at the bottom of the comment to react to it.

For both post and comment reactions, you will be provided tons of emojis, including custom emojis

You can also view who has reacted to a post or a comment by tapping on the reactions the post or comment has received.

View unread comments

When you open a post with unread comments, you'll see a notification icon with a number. This number indicates the number of unread comments.

Pressing the arrow will automatically scroll you down to the post's unread comment(s). This saves you time by navigating directly to the new content.

Pages menu

When you tap on the Pages menu from the app’s navigation, you will find:

  • Bookmarked Pages (if any)
    • If you have bookmarked Pages, you can press and hold on them to remove them as bookmarks
  • A list of Page Groups
    • You are the author of
    • You are an editor of
    • You are a viewer of

You can customize the sorting view by tapping the “sort by” button on the right of the screen and choosing the sorting style. You can sort by:

  • Alphabetical – This order organizes the Pages from A-Z
  • My order – This order is based on the custom organization you created through the Happeo desktop application

You can use the search bar at the top of the menu to search for a Page.

To view Pages within a Page Group, simply tap the arrow to the left of a Page Group. This will reveal any Pages in a collapsible list. You can then tap the arrows beside each Page to expand them further to reveal Subpages.

Tap the three dots next to a Page or Subpage to bookmark it. Your bookmarked Pages and Subpages will appear at the top of the Pages menu for easy access.

To open any of these page types, simply tap on it. To return to the Pages menu, tap on the arrow at the top-left of your screen.

Note: It is not possible to edit Page Groups, Pages, or Subpages from the mobile app.

Viewing Page Groups, Pages, and Subpages

When viewing a Page Group, Page, or Subpage, you will be shown the content provided on the homepage of the Page Group or content provided on the Page or Subpage. 

To navigate to a Page Group's Page or a Page’s Subpage, you must navigate back to the Pages Menu.

Beta Mobile App 4.png

Viewing Page widgets

All Page Widgets you see on the Happeo web version will be visible and functional within the mobile app as well. They are displayed through a built-in mini web browser, ensuring a consistent user experience.

People menu

The People menu shows you a list of all the users within your environment.

You can tap on any user to view their User Profile. At the top of the User Profile, you can call (e.g. Google Meet), message (e.g. Slack), and schedule an event (e.g. Google Calendar) with the user through the available options.

You can also search for people using the search bar at the top of the menu.

Note: You must have the calling, messaging, or scheduling app installed on your phone.

Beta Mobile App 6.png

Posts menu

The Posts menu is a quick way to find your bookmarked posts (if any). 

By pressing and holding the items, you can remove them as bookmarks. 


Tap your avatar in the top right corner of the app to access settings, including notifications, integrations, and language settings.

Notification settings

The notification settings window allows you to do the following:

  • Adjust push notification settings (the notifications you receive on your mobile from the Happeo app)
  • Adjust the notification priority for Channels you have access to
    • You can find a list of Channels in the notification settings and the notification priority they have been given based on the category they have been put in. The categories include high, medium, low, and muted

By tapping the pencil icon next to a Channel, you can set the priority settings to:

  • High priority
  • Medium priority
  • Low priority
  • Muted

Integration settings

Integration settings give you a clear overview of authorized and unauthorized integrations within the mobile app. 

Look for a toggle switch on the right side of each integration. A switch in the "on" position indicates authorization, while "off" means it is not yet authorized. To allow searching within an integration, simply tap the toggle and follow the authorization steps.

If the toggle switch is in the “onposition, you can also tap it to disable the integration from the mobile app.

More information about authorizing integrations

All integrations require authorization to function properly. However, the authorization process differs depending on the type of integration:

  • Google and Microsoft Integrations – These integrations require separate authorization on each device you use them on. This means you'll need to go through the authorization steps again specifically within the mobile app
  • Custom App Integrations – These integrations offer a more streamlined experience. Once authorized on the Happeo web app, you can search for them and use them within the mobile app without needing separate mobile authorization. In other words, authorization for Custom App Integrations is shared between web and mobile

Language settings

To change the language that your Happeo is in, you can tap “Change language” from the settings menu and select the desired language.

Note: Changing the language in the mobile app also changes the language in the desktop version.

Custom apps

If you wish to have your own customizable version of Happeo’s mobile app, please contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM). 

Please see this article for information about transitioning from the old Happeo Mobile App to the new version.

Dark mode

The Happeo mobile app has a dark mode enabled by your mobile display settings. 

For example, if your iPhone display settings are dark, the Happeo mobile app will also display a dark mode.

Transition guide of Happeo’s Mobile App for admins

You can read about the transition guide of Happeo’s mobile app for admins in this article. The guide will cover three main scenarios:

  • Admins transitioning to the new Happeo Mobile App: This section is for admins who use the standard Happeo mobile app available for download from the App Store or Google Play
  • Admins of self-hosted Happeo Mobile Apps: This section is for admins with customized versions of the Happeo app distributed through the App Store or Google Play
  • Admins managing internal app distribution: This section is for admins who receive the Happeo mobile app files directly from Happeo and distribute them through internal methods


Can I manage a Channel’s settings from the mobile app?

While the Happeo mobile app lets you view and interact with Channels, editing Channel settings is currently only available through the Happeo web version. This ensures a more comprehensive interface for managing Channel configurations.

For tasks like modifying Channel permissions or access levels, you'll need to use Happeo on the web.

Can I access the Admin Panel from the mobile app?

The Happeo mobile app currently doesn't offer access to the Admin Panel. This is because some administrative features require a more comprehensive interface for better control and configuration. You can still access the Admin Panel through the web version of Happeo for these functionalities.

Can I create and edit Pages in the mobile app?

Currently, creating and editing Pages is not supported within the Happeo mobile app. These functionalities require more complex editing features that aren't well-suited for the mobile environment.

However, you can still access and view existing Pages on your mobile device.

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