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This article explains what Slack Direct Message Integration is, how it can be enabled, and how this Integration lives within your Happeo environment.


What is it?

When Slack direct messaging has been integrated with your Happeo environment, users will be able to send direct messages in Slack through Happeo profiles. 

For example, when you view a user’s profile, you can send a direct message in Slack with just one click!

How to enable

The Slack Direct Messaging Integration can only be enabled by a platform Admin. As an admin, you can:

  1. Click your avatar at the top-right corner of the Happeo platform
  2. Click Admin Settings 
  3. Click Integrations
  4. Toggle the Slack Direct Messaging Integration


Slack Workspace

After installing the Slack Direct Message Integration in Happeo, you will need to adjust the settings in your Slack Workspace to ensure that other users within your Workspace can authorize the Integration.

As a Slack Workspace owner:

  1. Navigate to the Admin Settings of your Slack Workspace
  2. Click the Menu button at the top left corner of the page
  3. Click Configure apps
  4. Select App Management Settings in the left navigation
  5. Toggle OFF Only allow apps from the Slack App Directory
    1. The reason for this is that the Slack Direct Message Integration is outside of the Slack Directory
  6. Toggle ON Require App Approval
    1. By toggling on this option, members of your Slack Workspace will only be able to install pre-approved apps. Whether the app is inside or outside of the Slack Directory, users can only enable, install and use what you (the Admin) have set. This removes any lack of security that toggling off the toggle as mentioned earlier may introduce
  7. Navigate to the Happeo Slack Direct Message Integration (in Slack)
  8. Approve the integration

How to authorize 

Once the Integration is toggled, it will not be automatically enabled for all users of your environment. 

Instead, the users will receive an in-app prompt, informing them of the new feature and taking them through the steps to enable it. If they choose not to enable the Integration, they can authorize it in the future if they:

  1. Navigate to User settings 
  2. Click Integrations
  3. Toggle Slack direct message


With this in mind, Each user has the ability to enable or disable this feature for themselves.

Once the above process has been completed, users will be able to see the Slack Direct Messaging option while viewing the User Profiles of users within their environment.


Important things to note

  • This integration will only work if you have a Slack account
  • You do not have to enable the Slack Direct Message Integration to be able to send a direct message to other users. Enabling this Integration is what adds it to your User Profile
  • For example:
    • If User 1 has Slack enabled and User 2 has Slack disabled, then User 2 will see Slack as an option in User 1’s profile, but User 1 will not see Slack as an option in User 2’s profile
    • In the example image above, Tim has enabled Slack, but that does not mean that the person viewing his profile has


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