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In this article, you can learn how to connect Happeo to your HRM/HCM tools and instantly see your HRM/HCM alterations feed into your Happeo environment.

Some background information

Happeo draws its user information directly from the Google Directory. This means that profile fields in the People Directory and on User Profiles are filled with the information that you add to your Google Directory.

Most organizations, however, choose not to have Google Directory as their source of truth when it comes to the user and profile information but rather collect and keep that information up to date in an HRM/HCM tool of their choosing.

If you want to keep your user information up to date automatically within the Happeo platform, it could be a wise decision to automate the process of bringing that information to the Google Directory so you can also see the changes reflected within the Happeo platform. No more manual changes upon request, but instant results!

To have your data from your HRM/HCM tool shown in your Happeo environment, you can connect your HRM/HCM tool directly to your Google Directory.

How to connect your HRM/HCM tool to your Google Directory

So, what are the steps you need to take in order to get this done?

  1. Make sure your HRM/HCM tool has an API that you can use to extract user data and gather the necessary API key
  2. Have the Google Directory API ready at hand
  3. Get yourself a software developer to write code (if you don’t have one at hand and are unsure where to find one, please reach out to us so we can connect you to one of our partners)
  4. Have an environment in which you would like the process to run. This could be Google Script or any other server resource

Here’s a list of the API documentation of some common HRM/HCM tools:





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