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In this article, you can learn how to use Google Analytics to track Happeo usage.



How to add Google Analytics to your Happeo environment

Admins can integrate Google Analytics into Happeo. This gives the possibility to track Happeo usage and actions. To add Google Analytics:

  1. Click on your avatar at the top right corner of the Happeo platform
  2. Click Analytics
  3. Click Google Analytics (at the bottom of the side-bar)


Admins can then input the Google Analytics tracking code there.

The data that is sent to Google Analytics includes:

  • Visited pages
  • Actions (e.g. the number of times users have opened the launcher)
  • Labels for actions

Labels for actions are ways for you to identify and create a better understanding of how Happeo is used. To enable this, Happeo provides the following labels where applicable:

  • Launcher item URL
  • Post ID
  • Comment ID
  • Channel ID
  • User ID


What Happeo sends to Google Analytics

Happeo does not send any identifiable information to Google Analytics. Everything is based on Happeo IDs (Post, Channel, comment, user). To combine analytics information with actual names of Channels or users, Admins need to get this information from the Admin Settings.

Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) will replace Universal Analytics (UA) on July 1st. After that date, UA will no longer collect analytics events, but the data will remain accessible until the end of 2023. Universal Analytics 360 users will have their data collected until July 1, 2024. To ensure the continuity of your analytics, Happeo needs to be configured to use GA4.

Note: We recommend that you follow Google’s own recommendation: export data from your Google Analytics reports so you still have access to them in 2024.

Note: Happeo's own Analytics are not affected by this change – only data that resides in Google Analytics.

To determine the property under which your Happeo's analytics were set up, check your Google Analytics account. If the reporting interface does not state "360" next to the property names, it is the standard version. However, even if you are using Universal Analytics 360, transitioning to GA4 is still recommended.

As a result of these changes, by the 1st of July, the Google Analytics Integration will only work with GA4 and the tracking code should have the following format: "G-XXXXXXX." 

Replace UA with GA4

To ensure uninterrupted data analytics after July 1st, follow these three steps:

  1. Make sure you are a Google Analytics admin, or you know who to contact and they are available to help
    1. If you have used Google Analytics with Happeo before: You should already have a GA4 property created by Google and just need to access this tracking ID through your Google Analytics admin account
      1. See Google’s UA → GA4 migration guide. The automatically generated properties are appended with " - GA4" - the name of the property is otherwise the same
      2. If you cannot find the automatically generated GA4 property, you will need to set up a new GA4 property
    2. If you have not used Google Analytics before: Your Google Analytics admin will need to set up a new GA4 property
  2. Get the GA4 tracking ID
    1. The tracking code should have the following format: "G-XXXXXXX" 
  3. Add the GA4 tracking ID to Happeo
    1. Navigate to the Analytics in Happeo by clicking your avatar and Analytics
    2. Click Google Analytics from the left-hand sidebar
    3. Paste the tracking ID and click Save
    4. Data collection will now start and will be visible after 2-3 minutes

Why is there a discrepancy between Google Analytics and Happeo Analytics?

One of the reasons why there is this discrepancy is that Google Analytics works with data sampling (picking the usage of about 10% of users and multiplying by the number of users present in the domain) while Happeo's Analytics is based on the actual usage of the platform as they come from Happeo's servers and not from a browser.

Moreover, Google Analytics is blocked by many browsers, meaning that Happeo can only get around 20% of the Happeo Analytics to Google Analytics.

Google Analytics setup

In Google Analytics when configuring a new account for Happeo, you can click on "Website" and the URL should be "".

For more information & best practice on how to use Google Analytics, click here.

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