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In this article, you can find information regarding Slack Bot and how to enable, disable, and remove it from your Happeo Channel.


Happeo Slack Bot helps you to show Happeo content in Slack Channels. Slack Chatbot requires 2 things to work:

  1. Administrators need to enable the Slack integration
  2. Channel Owner / Editor(s) need to connect a Slack Channel with the Happeo Channel

Enabling the Slack Integration

To enable the Slack Integration in your organization, you'll need a Happeo Admin and a Slack workspace admin.

  1. Open up the Admin panel Integrations
  2. Click Install next to Slack Bot
  3. Enable the Happeo bot in your Slack workspace


Enabling the Slack integration to a Channel

To enable Slack integration to a Happeo Channel you'll need Happeo Channel Owner / Editor permissions.

  1. Open up a Happeo Channel with which you want to integrate with
  2. Open the settings and copy the Slack command from the Integrations section (/happeo connect 123)
  3. Open the Slack Channel you want to integrate and paste the command
  4. Follow the provided link to enable the integration

Note: The link provided in Slack leads to For Microsoft users, you will need to log in via Therefore, Microsoft users will need to manually change the link to after clicking the provided link in Slack to enable the Integration. 

Enabling a private Slack Integration to a Channel

The process to enable a private Slack Channel Integration to a Happeo Channel is a little different as opposed to a public one. 

In order to enable a private Slack Channel Integration, you first have to add the @Happeo app as a member of that private Slack Channel. After you have done so, you can proceed with the usual steps that are required to integrate a Slack Channel into a Happeo Channel. 


Disabling the Slack integration from a Channel

Disabling a Slack Integration from a Happeo Channel is quite similar to enabling one. Instead of the Slack command e.g. /happeo connect 123, you simply replace the "connect" with "disconnect" and paste the command into the Slack channel you wish to disconnect your Happeo Channel from.  


Removing the Slack integration from a Channel

To remove the Slack Integration from a Channel, you can:

  1. Type /remove @happeo


Branded Slack Bot

If you want to change the branding and name of your Happeo Slack bot notifications, please see this article

Images with Slack notifications

When a Channel Post or Article contains an image, those images will appear in Slack notifications. 

To set an expiration date for these images, you can:

  1. Click your avatar at the top-right corner of the Happeo platform
  2. Navigate to the Admin settings
  3. Click Integrations
  4. Next to Slack Bot, click the settings icon next to the integration toggle
  5. Set the expiration date for images in Slack

Images pushed to Slack

  • When an Article contains a header image, this image will only appear in Slack notifications if the Article does not contain any other images
  • When an Article contains a header image and images in the Article itself, only the images within the Article will appear in Slack notifications and not the header image

In general, header images and images uploaded to a post cannot coexist in Slack notifications.

What Slack Bot pulls into Slack


  • The first image will be pulled in
  • Happeo sends 100% of the text, however, Slack automatically sets the Show more and Show less buttons depending on the text length
    • This means that for shorter Posts, 100% of the text will be shown in Slack, and for longer Posts, you will have the option to expand it
  • Links such as will be pulled in
    • Hyperlinks such as Happeo, will be shown as text instead


  • The header image will be pulled in
    • Inline images will not be pulled in
  • The title and subheader will be pulled in
  • Slack will automatically set a Read more text for users to expand the Article


  • The first image will be pulled in
  • Only 1/3 of the text will be pulled in regardless of the text length
    • This is to encourage users to open the announcement and set as read
  • Links such as will be pulled in
    • Hyperlinks such as Happeo, will be shown as text instead
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