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Happeo currently does not offer full data exports.

If you need to export your organization's data from Happeo, you can use our open APIs or the Channel and Page data export functions from the Admin settings.

For access or more info about our APIs or questions about your export needs, please get in touch with your CSM. 

Data formats

  • APIs export JSON

Export Channel and Page CSV

To export a CSV for Channel and/or Page data, you can:

  1. Navigate to the Admin settings
  2. Select the Channel or Page menu
  3. Click on Export at the top right corner of the page

Please note that the Channel and Page exports do not contain any Channel or Page content. It only lists all the existing Channels and Pages with the Owner, Sharing info, and State.

Export Users CSV

To export a CSV of your user list, you can:

  1. Navigate to the Admin settings
  2. Select the User Management menu
  3. Choose the Users tab
  4. Select the All Seated (or Suspended) display
  5. Click on Export at the top right corner of table

Export Analytics CSV

You can also export a CSV through Happeo's Advanced Admin Analytics. To find more information regarding advanced analytics, please click here

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