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In this article, you can learn how to change Channel posting permission levels and discovery options.


Channel permission settings

Channels have two main permission settings: discovery and posting & commenting permissions.


By default, the discovery is restricted. To edit the discovery options for a Channel, you can navigate to the Channel's Settings and scroll down to the Discover section.


For other Channels (e.g. Secondary news Channels), however, the discovery options include:

  • Restricted (default): Not visible in discovery, joining by sharing
  • Ask to join: Visible in discovery, anyone can ask to join from the discovery view
  • Anyone can join: Visible in discovery, anyone can join automatically

Posting and commenting permissions

You can set the posting and commenting permissions by navigating to a Channel's Settings and scrolling down to the Restrictions section. By editing these permissions, you can control who can create Posts and comments in a Channel's Discussion.

Below, you can find the posting and commenting permission options:

  • Anyone can post and comment (default)
  • Anyone can comment, but posting is restricted to Channel owners and editors
  • Only the Channel owner and editors can comment and post


Channel member roles


The user who has created the Channel (the Owner) has the ability to add users and groups. The Owner also has the ability to assign Editors.

The Owner gets an email notification when a user requests to join the Channel. The Owner can also assign user permissions and adjust additional settings such as:

  • Basic settings (name, description, hashtags, etc.)
  • Tools (discussion, files, calendar, etc.)
  • Integrations (Slack, Google Chat, etc.)
  • Discover (who has the ability to discover the Channel)
  • Restrictions (posting and commenting restrictions)

When the Channel has posting and commenting restrictions turned off, the Owner can still post and comment.

Moreover, the Owner can create post drafts, collaborate with the Channel Editors before posting, and post Announcements to the Channel. You can read more about Channels in our article or our document called Channel Owner Guide.


The Admin can navigate to the:

  1. Channel you wish to change the Owner of
  2. (Skip if the user is already a Channel Member): Add the user you wish to make into the Channel Owner
  3. Click the user's Channel permission (listed under their name)
    1. i.e. Editor or Participant
  4. Select Owner


Editors are able to add users / groups, assign permissions, and set Channel Settings.

When posting and commenting restrictions are turned on, the Editor can still post and comment. Editors also have the ability to create Post drafts and collaborate with other Editors before posting and also post Announcement Posts to the Channel.


Participants are able to post and comment on the Channel as long as the posting and commenting restrictions are set appropriately. 

These restrictions can be altered if you:

  1. Navigate to the Channel Settings
  2. Scroll down to Restrictions

The types of posting and commenting restrictions include:

  • Anyone can post and comment
  • Anyone can post and comment, but posting an announcement is restricted to channel editors
  • Anyone can comment, but posting is restricted to channel editors
  • Only channel editors can comment and post