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This article informs you on how the Happeo organization chart is created.

Where Org Charts are found

Organization Charts can be accessed through multiple avenues within Happeo. They can be found in the People Directory and User Profiles, allowing you to easily view the organizational structure of your company. 

In addition to these locations, you can also find Organization Charts in Pages in the form of Org Chart Widgets.

How Org Charts are made

Happeo creates an Organization Chart by using the manager data from your Google directory. As long as the manager data of your employees are in place and updated in your Google directory, the Happeo Organization Chart will be accurate.



Updating a user's manager data

To update a user's manager data go to your:

  1. Google admin panel
  2. Users
  3. Select a user
  4. Account
  5. Employee details
  6. Add a Manager

You can find more information here.


Can Custom fields be used to populate or structure the Org Chart?

No, custom fields cannot be used to populate or structure the Org Chart. 

The Org Chart creation is solely dependent on the manager field. If the manager field is left empty or not entered for a particular user, that user will not be displayed in the Org Chart. In other words, the manager field serves as the primary factor for determining the hierarchical relationships and visual representation within the Org Chart. Therefore, custom fields do not play a role in this specific context.

What will be the platform's behavior if a string is entered into the manager field that does not correspond to an actual Happeo user’s email?

If someone enters a string in the manager field that does not match an actual Happeo user's email address, the platform's behavior will be as follows:

  1. Org Chart: The org chart for the affected user will not be populated correctly. This means that the hierarchical structure and connections within the org chart may be incomplete or inaccurate
  2. User Profile Card: The manager field will not be displayed on the user's profile card since it does not correspond to a valid Happeo user

It's crucial to ensure that the manager field contains the accurate email address of an existing Happeo user to maintain the platform's intended functionality and display the organizational relationships correctly.


Suspended users are still appearing in the Org Chart

Happeo's Organizational Chart derives its user information from Happeo's User Profiles, which are cached for a period of 12 hours. However, if a user is suspended, their removal from the Org Chart may take up to 12 hours to reflect. This is because the system relies on the cached User Profile, which is not immediately updated to reflect the user's suspended status. Therefore, it may take some time before the user is removed from the Org Chart.

Unseated and unassigned users are appearing in my Org Chart

To ensure that unseated / unassigned users are not visible in Happeo's People Directory, People Search (or Org Chart), as a Google admin, you can follow any of the following steps:

  1. You can disable directory sharing for each unassigned / unseated user individually through their Google admin panel. However, this approach has a downside: it also hides these users in Google, which may or may not be desired. Additionally, this process is quite manual
  2. Alternatively, you can first suspend the unassigned / unseated user in Google and then move them to a Google Organizational Unit (OU) that is not synced or within the scope of Happeo. It is crucial to follow this specific order to avoid the need for an orphan scan
    1. If the users are moved to an un-synced OU and then suspended, you will need to request an orphan scan
  3. In the event that the suspension of users in the Google platform is not preferable, and there exists a requirement to prevent the visibility of specific employees or former employees within Happeo, a course of action would involve transferring them to an Organizational Unit (OU) that is unsynchronized or lies outside the scope of Happeo's synchronization. Subsequently, it is advised to submit a support ticket to Happeo and request an orphan scan. This scan, once executed, will automatically suspend all users who no longer fall within the synchronized scope but have yet to be designated as suspended
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