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This article aims to inform you how you can synchronize your employee counts with Happeo by setting up a Google Workspace integration with Happeo.

The three things you will need to do

  1. Go to the Google Marketplace
  2. Install Happeo 
  3. Finalize the setup in the Happeo Admin Panel


  • You need to be a Google Workspace administrator
  • Or you need to complete this process with someone who is a Google Workspace administrator

If you are a Google Workspace administrator

  1. Go to the Happeo Admin Settings (click your avatar at the top right and select admin settings from the menu), and choose the Integrations tab on the left
  2. Click Install next to Google Workspace
  3. It will ask if you are a Google Workspace administrator. Click I am a Google Workspace admin. This should open the Google Marketplace in a new tab.
  4. Choose Admin Install and select Continue
  5. Select the Everyone at your organization option
    Note: If you choose to limit the installation to a specific organizational unit (second option), at a minimum, you must select the organizational unit you belong to as an administrator. Otherwise, the installation cannot be completed
  6. Check the box for agreeing to the application’s terms and services, and click Finish
    Note: You will need to grant Happeo rights to access your domain data. If you choose not to do so, Happeo will not be able to synchronize your domain data
  7. After clicking Done, you can close the tab and go back to the Happeo Admin Panel
  8. In Happeo, click Finalize Google Workspace sync. This will check that Happeo has the correct rights to access your domain data and that the Google Marketplace installation of Happeo is complete.

You can now go to User Management and manage the Google Workspace synchronization and your Happeo licenses.

If you are not a Google Workspace administrator

Note: You can only set up a Google Workspace user synchronization if you are a Google Workspace administrator. You can, however, ask a colleague who is a Google Workspace administrator to set it up.

If you still need to invite a Google Workspace administrator to your Happeo instance as a Happeo admin, please do so before you continue.

Once you have a Google Workspace administrator as a Happeo admin, go to the Happeo Admin panel and choose the Integrations tab.

  1. Click Install
  2. It will ask if you are a Google Workspace administrator. Click Ask a Google Workspace admin
  3. Choose a colleague from the list. Make sure your colleague is a Google Workspace administrator
  4. Then click Send request to ask that person to set up the synchronization

Your Google Workspace Administrator will receive an e-mail with a link to the Happeo Admin Settings > Integration page. 

Then, your Google Workspace Administrator will need to follow the steps 1-8 instructions from “If you are a Google Workspace administrator” in this article.

View authorization logs

To view authorization logs for Happeo Google integrations, you need to access the Google Admin Panel. Happeo itself doesn't have this information because the authorization process occurs in the user's browser. To obtain accurate information, it is best to use the reporting feature provided by Google. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Navigate to the Google Admin Panel
  2. In the drop-down menu, click the downward arrow next to Reporting then select Audit and investigation
  3. From the options displayed, click on Admin log events
  4. Click on Admin log events next to "Filter"
  5. Select OAuth log events from the dropdown menu
  6. Below the selected log event, click Add filter
  7. Choose Application name from the dropdown menu
  8. Type in and select Happeo Integrations as the application name, then click Apply
  9. Click Search below the applied filter
    1. This will present all OAuth log events related to Happeo integrations, including Google Drive, Calendar, and Gmail
    2. The displayed data includes dates, application IDs, application names, events, descriptions, users, scopes, and IP addresses
  10. Optional: To apply additional filters, such as selecting specific events like "Grant" or "Request," click Add a filter, choose the desired filter criteria, click Apply and follow the same step as 9
  11. Optional: If needed, you can export the data by clicking Export all above the results on the center-left of the page. This allows you to create reports or analyze the data in a tabular format

Problems and errors

I chose the wrong colleague!

While the synchronization has not been finalized, you can always change who should set it up.

Simply click Change sync account.

"Block all third-party API access"

When the "Block all third-party API access" box is checked, this prevents the enablement of the API access. If the API access has been blocked, please navigate to:

  1. Google Admin Panel
  2. Security
  3. Access and data control
  4. API controls

Please make sure that the aforementioned button is unchecked. Unchecking this box should unblock the API access.

"Happeo has not been properly installed in Google Workspace"

It would seem that Happeo has not been correctly installed in the Google Workspace Marketplace. Please go back to Step 1.

"This account cannot access the Google Workspace Directory"

The account set up for the synchronization does not have the correct rights in Google Workspace to get the Directory information. Either choose another account or add the correct rights in the Google Workspace Admin Panel.

“Authentication was not complete” / “Authorization for integration with Google Drive and Calendar was not completed"

If you receive this message, sometimes paired with "We noticed that your authorization of the Google Drive and Calendar wasn’t yet completed. Authorize the integration for Google Drive and Calendar," please find the solution below.

In this case, the issue is that your permissions might be completely set up, but they may be missing, for example, the Calendar approval. This is called RefreshToken in Happeo.

To solve this issue, please re-do the authentication from scratch:

  1. Sign-out from Happeo
  2. Follow this link
  3. Click Remove access for both Happeo, Drive & Calendar integration instances there
    1. This will not harm the Happeo account in any way
  4. Re-login to Happeo and accept Drive & Calendar in login or in the User settingsIntegrations

Google sync issues

Are you experiencing unexpected issues when it comes to the sync between Google Workspace and Happeo? This may be leading to new users not syncing to Happeo, changes to User Information not being reflected, or problems with Group Membership in Happeo. 

Please see this article for more information.




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