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Here, you will learn what the Happeo Gmail Integration consists of and its use cases.

You can integrate your Gmail with Happeo in order to see search results from your Gmail, view your latest emails in the Gmail widget in Pages and import Out of Office settings from your Gmail.

How to enable the integration?

You can enable the Gmail integration by going to this link. Then just click the "Enable" -button on the Gmail integration and go through the setup.


Does Happeo have access to my emails?

No. We've built the Gmail integration so that it relies on client-side authorization. This means that Happeo does not have any keys to access or read your emails. 

How to disable the integration?

You can disable the Gmail integration by going to this link. There, just click the Gmail integration toggle and the integration will be turned off. 

After this, you can also go to your Google account security settings to remove Happeo's authorization to your Google content (you can navigate here).