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Here, you can read about the Text Widget and its use cases.


What is the Text Widget?

The Text Widget is one of the custom content Widgets provided in the Happeo CMS. It is one of the most used Widgets and can be used for writing text, adding images, making bulleted and numbered lists, and adding horizontal lines.


Text Widget options

  • Header text: Header text is optional but if not used header spacing cannot be deleted
  • Body text: Here, you can type the body text. You can also add additional content through Quick add/insert
    • When on a new line, a plus symbol will show to the left of the text widget. This will allow you to insert an imagevideotablebullet pointsnumbered listhorizontal line, and code
    • You can also double-click on the text to change the font, color, etc.
  • Text highlight: If text is highlighted you can change the font, insert a link, change alignment, bold, italics, underline, strikethrough, text color, quote, bullet points, numbered list, alignment, and clear style




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