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Here, you can read about the Text Widget and its use cases.


What is the Text Widget?

The Text Widget is one of the custom content Widgets provided in the Happeo CMS. It is one of the most used Widgets and can be used for writing text, adding images, making bulleted and numbered lists, and adding horizontal lines.


Text Widget options

    • Header text: Header text is optional, but if not used, header spacing cannot be deleted
    • Body text: Here, you can type the body text. You can also add additional content through Quick add / insert
      • A plus symbol will show to the left of the text widget when on a new line. This will allow you to insert an image, video, table, bullet points, numbered list, horizontal line, and code
      • You can also double-click the text to change the font, color, etc.
    Text highlight: If text is highlighted, you can change the font, insert a link, change alignment, bold, italics, underline, strikethrough, text color, quote, bullet points, numbered list, alignment, and clear style

Note about "Quick add": The code option in quick add enables you to show code without it being executed. This option is purely to display code.

Note about using hashtags: Using hashtags will not work in the Text Widget.

Note about adding Google email: If you wish to add a Google email (for contact details) as a hyperlink, we suggest that you use the link below instead of the standard mailto link. Using the alternative link will ensure that a user's browser settings don't impact the opening process when clicking the link.

Here's the link (replace the email with your email): 


Why is there text missing in the Text Widget?

This issue might arise when content is copied from third-party tools and not pasted as plain text into the Happeo Text Widget. To resolve this, please follow these steps: 

  1. Delete the existing Text Widget
  2. Add a new Text Widget
  3. Paste the content as plain text

Furthermore, browser plugins designed for grammar and spell checking can sometimes cause content problems when adding it to the Text Widget. To address this, consider disabling browser plugins related explicitly to grammar and spell-checking before adding content to the widget.

Clicking a "mailto" link takes me to my inbox instead of opening a new email to the linked address. Why?

"Mailto" links behave differently depending on your browser settings. By default, they open your default email program (often your inbox).

Here's how to configure Chrome to open a new draft for "mailto" links:

  1. Click the three dots in the top right corner of Chrome and select "Settings"
  2. Scroll down and click "Privacy and security"
  3. Click "Site settings" and then "Additional permissions"
  4. Expand "Protocol handlers" and choose "Sites can ask to handle protocols"
  5. If "" is listed under "Default behavior," remove it by clicking the "X" next to it
  6. Finally, open up your Gmail email account in a new tab on your computer
  7. On the right side of the URL's address bar, there is an icon with two intertwined diamonds that will appear. Click on the icon to get a pop-up menu that asks, "Allow to open all links?"
  8. Select "Allow" and then "Done"

Note: This solution is specific to Chrome. The process for other browsers might differ.



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