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This article aims to explain the Page Breadcrumb Widget and the many customizations it comes with. 


What does it do?

The Page Breadcrumb Widget automatically generates breadcrumb navigation based on the Page that you are on within the Page Group.


Breadcrumb Widget options


Choose a light or dark theme based on what works best for your Page.

Letter case

Choose the letter casing used in the Widget.

  • Upper case - Sets all the letters to the upper case. E.g. NEWS > HAPPEO NEWS

  • Lower case - Sets all the letters to the lower case. E.g. news > happeo news

  • Proper case  - Sets all the first letters of a word to the upper case. E.g. News > Happeo news

  • Unset - Does not alter the letters and keeps them in the initial case they were typed in. E.g. News > Happeo News