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This article aims to provide you with information about what an Awesome Table is and what it can be used for.


What is it?

Awesome Table is a way to visualize data and create forms. Transform any plain and boring data into beautiful, dynamic, and functional views with our Awesome Table web app.

You can read more about Awesome Table here.

What does the integration do?

Our Awesome Table integration allows you to easily preview Awesome Table -tables in posts and comments and embed Awesome Table -tables to Pages.

Previewing in posts and comments

  1. You can start by opening an Awesome Table -table and copying the URL
  2. Then, you can paste that to a post or a comment
  3. After you publish the post, you can preview the table inside Happeo

Embedding to Pages

  1. In Pages, you can start by adding an Awesome Table -widget
  2. And selecting your Awesome Table. It is automatically resized to the widget

Do I need a paid Awesome Table account?

Awesome Table is free up to a point. Just navigate here and start your trial.

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