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Here, you will can about the Recent Files Widget and its use cases.

What does it do?

The Recent Files Widget will display a list of files that the user has recently used. This list is personalized to the user viewing the Page.


Recent Files Widget options

  • Max items: Set the maximum number of files displayed to the user before they need to click “show all”.

Recent Files Widget features

  • Bookmarking files
  • By clicking on the three dots next to the file you can:
    • Open the file
    • Preview the file
    • Find the file in Drive
    • Rename the file
    • Copy the file
    • Move the file into a different location
    • Download the file 
    • Remove the file
  • By clicking on the three dots within the widget menu (includes Name, Owner, and Modified) you can:
    • Change to thumbnail/list view
    • Show new files
    • Show updated files
    • Show sharing visibility

Show sharing visibility: What do the colored dots represent?

When you show sharing visibility, colored dots will appear next to the file owner's names on the left.

  • Green: Document is only shared with users within the organization
  • Yellow: Document has one or more external users with access
  • Red: Document is publicly available through sharing a link
  • Grey: Shared with the entire organization