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In this article, you can read about the Form Widget and its use cases.


What does it do?

Embed any Drive form into a Page via the Form Widget. This allows the same functionality as the Document Widget which enables users to complete Google Forms directly from the Page.


Form Widget options

  • Select drive file: Opens a drive window that allows you to select any form that is stored in Drive
  • Show link: Choose to show or hide a link to open the file in another window
  • Mode: Make document preview only or editable directly within Happeo

How can you embed form responses?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to embed form responses, however, here is the current workaround:

  1. Navigate to a Google Form
  2. Click Responses from the Form navigation
  3. Click View responses in Sheets (the Google Sheets icon at the top right of the page)
  4. Embed the Google Spreadsheet into your Page using the Document Widget


Why is my Google Form not visible to other users?

If you're wondering why your Google Form is not visible to other users, the most likely reason is that the permissions are not set to allow others to view it. To fix this, you can change the permissions to one of the following options: 

  • Everybody in your organization can see
  • Anybody with this link

This will make the form accessible to the intended audience.

For more information on sharing Google Forms, please see this link.

However, for trusted organizations, the troubleshooting steps mentioned above will not be effective. In such cases, you should follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Form settings
  2. Click on Responses
  3. Toggle off the sign-in option

By doing this, the form should now become visible to users from trusted organizations.

By adjusting the permissions or sign-in toggle, you can ensure that your Google Form is accessible to the right audience, depending on your specific needs.

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