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In this article, you can read about what a Stock Widget is and how it can be used.


What does it do?

The Stock Widget enables you to show stock prices on Pages. You can either use our integration with TradingView or your own XML to generate the widget.

The TradingView widget requires you to use a company ticker symbol and you can choose between two types of widgets:

  1. You can check if the stock that you want to show is in the supported markets
  2. If not, you can provide your own XML source

Own XML source

The XML source requires you to provide a certain type of formatting. The formatting requires the structure provided below. If changing the structure is not possible on your side, please contact our support team and we'll work to enable support for your XML structure.

<Share />
<MarketName />
<Symbol />
<Ask />
<Currency />
<Change />
<ChangePercent />
<Volume />
<Date />


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