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This article aims to provide information about the Schedule Widget and its use cases.


What does it do?

The Schedule Widget shows a schedule view of a user or group calendar.


Schedule Widget options

  • Visiting user: Personalized to the user that is viewing the page
  • Select from the list: Select a listed group calendar
  • By email: Choose a calendar by an email address
  • Visible events: Choose either to show all events or just the events from the day that is selected
  • Show picker: Allow users to change the date via the date picker
  • Scheduler style: Choose the style that the scheduler should be shown in. There are two options colorful and classic
  • Event color: Choose the color of the events
  • You can also choose a month view using the Month Widget


Why doesn’t the specified event color show up in the Widget?

The specified event color may not be visible in the Widget due to the widget's size limitations. In its smallest form, the Widget does not display the color bubble as it would take up too much space and affect the overall user experience (UX). 

However, when the Widget is resized to a larger form, not only will the color bubble become visible, but it will also accommodate additional elements such as Google Calendar colors. This design decision ensures that as the Widget expands, the specified color and other relevant information can be displayed.