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Here, you can learn how to share a Channel with other users.

How to share a Channel

You can share a Channel if you are the Owner or Editor of that Channel. Sharing happens by opening the Channel and selecting the Channel members tab from the navigation. Here, you can click on Share to Users and Groups.

To share the Channel, start by:

  1. Typing a team member's name, Azure Group, or a Google Group email address
  2. Once you see the User or Group you want to add, click on it and select Share


For more information about setting up request access, please see this article.

You can also promote Users or Groups to Editors or Owners from the same tab by clicking their current role.

Please note that the Channel may only have one Owner.


Can newly added Participants view the entire Channel Feed?

Newly added Participants will be able to see all the previously posted content (such as Posts and Articles) in the Channel.

Why are Users and Groups appearing as emails?

When you add a User or Group, their email will be displayed before you click Share. This is because Users' names and Group names are not unique. By showing the exact email address, you receive confirmation of the exact User or Group that you're adding as a member.

Why are Group emails appearing as random strings of numbers?

While most groups in Azure have an actual email address, security groups do not, so when the group is created on our side, a group email address is created (this is the same logic for Okta).

Some distribution lists are generated automatically in Azure (i.e. when calendars & teams are created). Those groups will also get a random string of numbers for an email address in Azure.

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